At Ward, we believe life is most fully lived when we look up to God, into ourselves and out to others.
Here are some handpicked resources to help you along your journey.

Pursuing God’s character, wisdom and will through the reading and reflecting of His Word

Get Started +

Scripture comes to life as easy-to-follow prompts guide you through reading, reflecting, relating and responding to God’s Word.
Download 21-Day Guide (PDF)

The Bible Project +

Dive into an online library rich with short, hand-illustrated videos tackling each book of the Bible as well as difficult concepts and topics.
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Read Scripture App +

Hand-illustrated Bible Project videos explain difficult concepts and themes alongside scripture text.
Download the App

Online Bible +

Access multiple versions of the Holy Bible, download custom reading plans, highlight and take notes through the site or download the app!

Forming a humble and accurate view of ourselves as children of God with unique personality traits and spiritual gifts

Discover Your Personality +

Learn more about yourself and the way you respond to your social surroundings, process new information, emotions, and your work!
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Spiritually Equipped +

Complete this survey designed to identify your spiritual strengths and learn how God has uniquely gifted you.
Take Spiritual Gifts Survey

Identity in the Gospel +

If you’re a Christian, you’ve been adopted. Work through this checklist as you think about ways in which you live as either an orphan or as a child of God.
Download Assessment (PDF)

Emotional Health +

Gain an understanding of your emotional maturity as a first step toward a spirituality that transforms yourself, those around you and the world.
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Carrying the transformative work of God into every sphere of our lives

Think Missionally +

A guide to help you and your family live intentionally for God’s mission wherever He has called you. Filled with great articles, tips, and videos.

Reach the Unreached +

Visit this research initiative highlighting people groups with the fewest followers of Christ. Discover ways to get involved though prayer and more.

Explore these concepts in a classroom setting

DNA Class

Discover God’s story (look up), your story (look in), and the world’s story (look out) in this class on Sunday mornings.