Wedding Information


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Let Ward Church support you on this special day in a God-honoring marriage that will last a lifetime.

Christians appropriately come to the marriage service in a spirit of devotion and commitment. We consider preparation for marriage a very important part of Christian service to the congregation and community.

When you have your wedding at Ward Church, your initial contact will be with the Wedding Coordinator who will assist you in the scheduling, confirming your wedding date, and assigning and coordinating the Pastor, Wedding Hostess, Organist, Custodian and Sound Technician. .

A Wedding Hostess will be assigned to all weddings at Ward Church. The Wedding Hostess will be on-site for your rehearsal and ceremony. She will act as director of both days and guide the wedding party, family, and friends in where they need to be at all necessary times of each day.

Special Note: for the wedding day, you will need to assign a friend or family member not involved in the wedding to act as “runner” with your hostess to help facilitate her in ensuring a smooth flow in your wedding program.

The hostess will not be the contact for deliveries and set up by florists. The couple will be responsible in setting up these vendors and making sure they know when to arrive at the church at the instructed time.

It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to provide a program and work with the Pastor on a ceremony, but the Wedding Coordinator will be happy to provide suggestions and website resources on Christian wedding ceremonies. We look forward to helping you have a beautiful and blessed wedding day!

Mary Matusz
Wedding Coordinator

  • PAYMENT OF FEES: Checks to the Pastor are made payable to them but sent to the attention of the Wedding Coordinator and are due a minimum of four weeks before the wedding. All remaining fees are made payable to Ward E.P.C. and are due a minimum of four weeks before the wedding. These should also be sent to the attention of the Wedding Coordinator.
  • MEMBERSHIP: You must be a member or have regularly attended for six months, at least twice a month, to be married at Ward. If you are not a member, attendance must be recorded via the Connect Card on Sunday (either through the app, digital bulletin or paper version in the pews) so that a record is in our database.
  • ALCOHOL: It is the responsibility of the bride and groom and their families to make certain that all members of the wedding party refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages anytime or anywhere while on church property. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the church.
  • SMOKING: All Ward buildings are entirely smoke-free.
  • ACCESS TO THE BUILDING: Wedding parties have access to the Sanctuary, Chapel, narthex, bride’s room and A101- one hour before the wedding and up to one hour after the wedding. Additional time is available upon request from the Wedding Coordinator at additional charge. For Chapel Weddings Parlor 307/309 will be used for the bride and groom’s room.
  • MINISTER’S SERVICES: Only ministers of Ward Church may officiate at a wedding. If a family desires to ask another clergyman to assist in the service, such desire shall be made known to the officiating minister and he may extend the invitation to the other clergyman.
  • SOUND SYSTEM: Only Ward personnel may operate the sound system.
  • MUSIC: Only Ward Church organists may play for weddings. Call the organist assigned to you one month prior to your wedding date.  Their name and phone number can be obtained from the Wedding Coordinator. All music must be approved by officiating pastor/organist.
  • PICTURES/VIDEO TAPING: Worship is of utmost importance during the Wedding Ceremony at Ward Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  This is sacred ceremony.
  • PHOTOGRAPHERThe photographer must check with the Wedding Hostess upon arrival to the church.  
    • Flash photos are allowed only during the Processional and Recessional.|
    • NO FLASH PHOTOS are allowed during the ceremony.
    • You may stand ½ way up the aisle to photograph the wedding party during the processional.
    • During the ceremony the photographer will stand behind the last row of guests at the back of the

Sanctuary or Chapel.

  • Posed pictures may be taken before and after the ceremony.
  • If your photographer desires additional time, please notify the Wedding Coordinator at 248-374-5957.

VIDEOGRAPHER: Videotaping is welcome, however, there are restrictions. The Ward sanctuary sound system uses wireless microphones operating at frequencies of 209.000 MHz and 170.305 MHz.  Please do not use equipment operating on these frequencies. Doing so will cause severe distortion with Ward’s sound system as well as the videographer. If you must use these frequencies, you will need to inform the wedding coordinator at least 4 weeks in advance of the wedding. If a hardline XLR feed is needed, please notify four weeks in advance.

You are responsible for informing your videographer of the information.

The Wedding coordinator and Hostess must approve details.

  • The videographer will stand stationary in the choir loft or at the back of the Sanctuary. In the Chapel he/she will stand near the organ or in the back.
  • No lighting of any kind is allowed during the ceremony.
  • The videographer will not stand at the front of the Sanctuary or Chapel where the wedding party stands during the processional.
  • If your videographer desires additional time, please notify the Wedding Coordinator at 248-374-5957.
  • SOLOIST: Contact your organist for names of available soloists. Payment must be made directly to soloist prior to wedding.
  • FLOWERS: Your florist may deliver flowers one hour before the ceremony. Plants that belong to the church are not to be moved or rearranged in any way.
  • RICE/BIRDSEED: Throwing of rice, birdseed, or any other material is not permitted either inside or outside the church.
  • RUNNERS: Are not allowed.
  • RECEPTIONS: (Members only) Wedding Receptions are only available for Ward Members. The exclusive caterer for Ward Church is Elite Catering. Receptions may be held in Knox Hall (accommodates 300), or Chapel Suite 3 (accommodates 100). The following will be made available by Ward Church: Tables, chairs, cooking and serving utensils, and table service (including silverware). The church will not provide: paper products and food stuffs (including coffee, tea, sugar or cream).
  • REHEARSALS: A rehearsal is necessary for all except the smallest, informal weddings. The wedding hostess will conduct the rehearsal.  The officiating minister will not be present.
  • DRESS: All members of the Wedding party, Bride, Groom and Attendants are asked to dress with appropriate modesty. Brides and bridesmaids are asked to be particularly careful regarding necklines and other details of their attire.
  • WEDDING COORDINATOR: All weddings are required to use the Ward Wedding Coordinator. The Wedding coordinator will represent the church for policy and facility information; and the wedding party in scheduling and planning the wedding.
  • WEDDING HOSTESS: All weddings are required to use the Ward Hostess. The Hostess will assist during the rehearsal and wedding. Your hostess will contact you the week of the wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions


When can we start?

As soon as you are engaged! A year out of your desired wedding day is ideal for planning and organizing all the details and counseling. We ask that no later than 6 months out of your desired date you begin working with Ward to plan your ceremony and begin premarital counseling.

How do I find a pastor to officiate our wedding?

If you have a specific Pastor in mind, please inform the Wedding Coordinator. Be sure to give her a few dates to work with. If you don’t have a specific pastor in mind, our Wedding Coordinator will help you find a Pastor available on or near your desired date.

Can a Ward pastor marry us off-site?

Yes, You must confirm the dates with your Officiating Pastor just as you would if the ceremony were performed at Ward Church.

Who will help us coordinate the wedding?

Our Wedding Coordinator can assist you in facility coordination for your wedding ceremony. The Officiating Pastor will help you in creating the program order of your Christian ceremony.

What does the wedding coordinator actually provide?

The Wedding Coordinator will explain her role, schedule your wedding date and provide details about the material available for your ceremony.

Once we register online and submit the Pre-Marriage Questionnaire Form, can we go ahead and secure a reception off campus?

No, we recommend couples wait until they have had their initial wedding interview and received confirmation before securing a reception hall off campus. This assures that your wedding is approved and a ceremony site for the date of your wedding within our facility has been secured.

My fiance lives long distance from Ward. How can we participate in the premarital preparation process?

Some couples are faced with a proximity issue in preparing for marriage and making wedding plans. Through our online Wedding Registration we’ll receive important information that will help us determine the status of your relationship for marriage without a fiancée present. During your interview with a Ward Pastor, the three of you will discuss the direction of Premarital classes and /or counseling (this will need to be completed prior to the wedding date.) Note: In some cases (e.g., military service), there are restrictions which will limit the participation in the sessions and seminar. Your Officiating Pastor will review such cases and suggest alternative plans that will effectively prepare you for a lifetime of marriage.

Does Ward Church accommodate small weddings of 30 or fewer guests?

Yes. However, the availability of our all services will be limited. If you are interested in a wedding of this size or less please contact our Wedding Coordinator to review your request.

Download a PDF version of Ward Church’s wedding packet.  This includes the Welcome Letter, Wedding Policies, and Pricing / Fees.

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