Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  Let Ward Church support you on this special day in a God-honoring marriage that will last a lifetime.

To get started, email our wedding coordinator She will get back with you as soon as possible. Until then, read our FAQ’s to learn more about the process of getting married at Ward Church.


Frequently Asked Questions

When can we start?

As soon as you are engaged! A year out of your desired wedding day is ideal for planning and organizing all the details and counseling. We ask that no later than 6 months out of your desired date you begin working with Ward to plan your ceremony and begin premarital counseling.

How do I find a Ward Pastor to officiate our wedding?

If you have a specific Pastor in mind, please inform the Wedding Coordinator. Be sure to give her a few dates to work with. If you don’t have a specific pastor in mind, our Wedding Coordinator will help you find a Pastor available on or near your desired date.

Can a Ward Pastor marry us off-site?

Yes, You must confirm the dates with your Officiating Pastor just as you would if the ceremony were performed at Ward Church.

Who will help us in coordinating for the wedding?

Our Wedding Coordinator can assist you in facility coordination for your wedding ceremony. The Officiating Pastor will help you in creating the program order of your Christian ceremony.

What does the Wedding Coordinator actually provide?

The Wedding Coordinator will explain her role, schedule your wedding date and provide details about the material available for your ceremony.

Once we register online and submit the Pre-Marriage Questionnaire Form, can we go ahead and secure a reception off campus?

No, we recommend couples wait until they have had their initial wedding interview and received confirmation before securing a reception hall off campus. This assures that your wedding is approved and a ceremony site for the date of your wedding within our facility has been secured.

My fiancé lives long distanced from Ward. How are we to participate in the premarital preparation process?

Some couples are faced with a proximity issue in preparing for marriage and making wedding plans. Through our online Wedding Registration we’ll receive important information that will help us determine the status of your relationship for marriage without a fiancée present.

During your interview with a Ward Pastor, the three of you will discuss the direction of Premarital classes and /or counseling (this will need to be completed prior to the wedding date.) Note: In some cases (e.g., military service), there are restrictions which will limit the participation in the sessions and seminar. Your Officiating Pastor will review such cases and suggest alternative plans that will effectively prepare you for a lifetime of marriage.

Does Ward Church accommodate small weddings of 30 or fewer guests?

Yes. However, the availability of our all services will be limited. If you are interested in a wedding of this size or less please contact our Wedding Coordinator to review your request.