Infant baptisms and dedications are part of the worship experience of Ward Church and are administered at our regular Sunday worship services 3 times per year, January, May and September. In infant baptism, the church comes alongside the parents to supplement the family in the raising of their child in faith. For this reason, we ask for those seeking baptism or dedication for their child be active in the life of the church. At Ward Church, we baptize infants who have at least 1 parent who is an actively participating member of the church. Parents who prefer to have their children wait for baptism until after their child’s personal profession of faith in Christ may present their infants for dedications. Parents interested in having their child(ren) baptized or dedicated must attend the Infant Baptism/Dedication Class. At the class you will meet our Family Ministry Director, learn about baptism and dedication, and meet other parents as well. To register for the class email

A parent booklet is available to download as a PDF. This booklet is a guide to understanding the baptism of children and what we believe at Ward Church. Read about Ward Church’s perspectives on infant baptism.

Baptism of Children: Parent Guide

If you are an adult and have not been baptized before, we do this as a part of the membership process.