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  • Meet Mark and Katie from WardStudents

    Ward Church General 10 months ago

    Building upon the WardStudents legacy

    Our WardStudents team has some fresh faces this fall we want to introduce you to and help you get to know a little better! Now that they’ve had a couple months on the job, we are really excited by the vision they are casting for this pivotal program at Ward Church. Plus, it’s so inspiring to see the energy, positivity and creativity they have, and how well they love on and mentor the young people they serve. We’re so excited to introduce Director of WardStudents Mark Ordus and Director of Middle School Katie Pete!

    Mark Ordus, Director of WardStudents

    Tell us about yourself and your family: I’ve been married to my wife Lisa for 14 years, and we have four kids: Micah (12), Cosette (9), and Eli & Ezra (5). We moved here after having served for seven years at Crossroads Community Church in Ottawa Lake, Mich., near the Toledo border. But we actually are from the Metro Detroit area, so we’re excited to be back home! I love hockey (go Wings!) and football (go Lions! This is our year!), and I love music of all kinds, from “indy to shouty.” I’m also a big fan of coffee, Taco Bell, and all things delicious! I have my BA in Youth Ministry from Spring Arbor University, and I have been serving in student ministry for about 18 years, 16 of those in full time Student Ministry.

    What is your vision for WardStudents ministry? I hope that we will become a beacon of hope and light to students in all our surrounding areas. I strongly believe that God has created all of us on purpose and for a purpose. So here at WardStudents, we want to AWAKEN students to who Jesus is, help them DISCOVER their unique, God-given gifts and talents, help them create meaningful FRIENDSHIPS, and give them opportunities to IMPACT their communities by serving and loving those in their communities.

    Tell us a bit about your faith: I believe Jesus Christ is the son of God, and through relationship with him, we find forgiveness, hope, joy, and a love that never fails.

    Katie Pete, Middle School Director

    Tell us about yourself and your family: I grew up in Temperance, Mich. My parents are Mike and Tracie and I have three sisters, Allie, Maegan, and Nikie. I played soccer and played in the band in high school, and now I play on recreational volleyball teams with some friends during the season. I came from Crossroads Community Church where I attended all the way through college. I went to college at the University of Toledo and earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in forensic science.

    What excites you about working for WardStudents? I’m really excited about the direction that Mark and I plan on taking the WardStudent ministries. The focus is on establishing more emphasis on small group time for the students, so they have more of a chance to voice their take on the messages and find it easier to facilitate growth within themselves. I also hope that the new structure will help students to make deeper connections with leaders and their friends that will make them feel more a part of the church family and keep them plugged in to the church through middle school/high school and even after graduation.

    Tell us about your faith: I believe in living into God’s plan wherever it may take us and pursuing the mission of growing His kingdom through teaching and investing in the next generation of leaders, to help facilitate their spiritual growth and development.

    Want to connect with Mark and Katie? Email them at students@ward.church.













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