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  • Spring Bounty Collection

    Ward Church Care 2 weeks ago

    Sponsored by Ward Deacons

    Local organizations relying on donations of non-perishable goods and toiletries from donors, typically find their shelves more empty this time of year. To help, we welcome you to bring in your food and household items from the approved donations list to the Spring Bounty tables directly across from the Media Center, just outside Entry 1 on Sundays March 15, 22 + 29. We’ll handle the distribution to local pantries.

    Cash and check donations will also be accepted. Please make checks out to Ward Church, with Spring Bounty in the memo field. Food and household donations may also be dropped off during the week.


    What items can I donate?

    Only items on the Donation Collection Item list can be accepted for this program. Anything on this list will be appreciated. If you have the chance to buy specific items, “most wanted” means exactly that.

    What organizations will be given these donations?

    The local facilities for Salvation Army, Northville Civic Concern, and Helps On The Way.

    Do the items have to be purchased new or can I raid my pantry at home?

    Unused, unopened items from home are fine! But—PLEASE CHECK ALL EXPIRATION DATES, “USE BY” DATES, etc. We cannot distribute any item with an expiration or “use by” date earlier than May 1, 2020.

    What if I have some homemade items that are on the list?

    We’re sure they are delicious, but we cannot distribute homemade items of any kind. And we cannot accept any items where the container has been opened or the seal broken.

    Can I buy donation items in bulk?

    Yes, but for items such as paper goods and diapers, ONLY IF these have individually wrapped items or wrapped smaller packs of items that can be broken out for dispersal to those in need.

    What about Jumbo or Economy sized items?

    Please no! It is much more helpful to the organizations distributing the donation items to have 2 or 3 small-to- medium sized jars, containers, cans, or boxes, so they can meet the needs of several families, rather than one huge container that can serve only one family.

    What size disposable diapers would be best?

    Any size is really okay, but the organizations say that larger infant sizes, such as 4-6 months, are especially helpful.

    Can I donate money instead of actual items?

    You sure can! Cash is okay, but we can’t provide a receipt. Checks are fine, made payable to Ward Church, with Spring Bounty written on the memo line.

    Can you pick up items at my house?

    Sorry, we can’t. But if you need help bringing items into the church, ask for help at the Collection desk.

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