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    Help! My Bible is Alive! By

    We want to experience God through the Bible. We really do! But our good intentions fall flat when reading the Bible just doesn’t seem to make that happen. What should feel dynamic and important and alive often feels confusing and boring and irrelevant. But it doesn’t have to.

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    Fall Leadership Community Meeting By

    Whether you lead a company, a small group, or a family, you have faced the difficulty of decision making in uncertainty. Join us on Monday, September 14 over a Zoom gathering of leaders throughout our church.  This year, we will be talking about finding opportunities in crisis, preparing for a Post-COVID world, and holding plans loosely.

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    Ward DNA Class Online By

    Join Sean Carroll for this 3-week class and discover what Ward is all about; our beliefs and vision. This class is recommended for membership at Ward, though it does not obligate you to become a member. The class revolves around God’s Story, Your Story, and the World’s Story. It explores Ward’s DNA: our key beliefs in these three key areas.

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