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    Ward Church General 4 months ago

    Broaden your understanding of different backgrounds and experiences

    Ward Church cares deeply about those in and around our community, and we take seriously the command to “make disciples of all people.” With that in mind, Ward Church will launch a new group whose purpose will be to discuss how best to carry out the Great Commission to those within our 1-, 3- and 5-mile radius, and spend time studying the various people groups that make up this eclectic region.

    This group is designed for fellowship and mutual edification, which means no prior expertise or experience on this subject is required. We desire to create a space where people can learn and grow. The group will receive weekly emails with videos or readings to help us learn about the cultural history of our area. We will conclude the first part of this journey with a field trip to Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in January.

    This fellowship is meant to mirror the work being done at the denominational level. The EPC’s Revelation 7:9 Task Force was formed by the National Leadership Team of our denomination. According to the EPC, “Revelation 7:9 is not a social justice initiative but a very biblical initiative, mirroring the Jewish-Gentile unification of the church in Acts 2, Acts 10, Acts 13, Ephesians 2, etc. It is both prescriptive and descriptive. Thus, the Task Force believes that if EPC churches proactively pursue our local 1-3-5 radius, churches will more likely reflect the descriptive church in John’s Revelation, which is illustrative of the coming Kingdom of God.”

    If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Jeanette at jeanette.krueger@ward.church

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