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    Ward Church General 5 months ago

    As Ward Church embarks on a new adventure, to grow our ministry and reach new lives in a new community, we ask that you help us be a blessing to new neighbors.

    Ward’s got it covered

    We want to “cover” our neighbors. Yes, with prayers, love and best wishes. But also with a free meal. A free coffee. Free groceries. Free gas. We want to bless them by providing for them in small ways, showing them we are for them and are here to love on them in tangible ways.

    Whoever the Lord leads you to “cover,” we ask that when you do, you hand the cashier, waitress, etc. a card that says, “Ward’s got you covered.” It links to a QR code with a special message and more information on our church and our new campus. You never have to engage in a conversation, you just need to bless someone. But “covering” them with words of blessing, prayers, and love, go a really long way too.

    Here’s how you do it:

    • Pick up a stack of card from any desk around the building (at Northville or Farmington Hills campus).
    • Pray for the person, couple, or family that will be receiving the blessing. Pray that they will feel loved, important, and curious, just as the Lord made them. Pray that if they don’t know Jesus, they would be curious enough to follow the QR code, check out Ward Church.
    • When you are out and about in Farmington Hills, doing life, find someone you feel God calling on you to bless. Give the waiter/waitress/cashier the “Got your covered” card to give to the people you are blessing, as you pay for their bill.
    • If you are paying for a meal, we recommend also leaving a generous tip.

    That’s it! Way to exhibit “audacious generosity” to those beyond our churches’ borders!

    Questions? Email Farmington Hills Campus Pastor Sean Carroll.

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