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  • June 7, 2023 Annual Meeting – See the results!

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    Thank you to everyone who attended the June 7, 2023 Annual Meeting of Ward Church. We look forward to this Sunday’s Celebration Sunday when we will celebrate with stories, videos, songs, a look-back on a year worth remembering and a look-ahead to what God will do next in and through us!

    Results from 2023 Annual Meeting

    The following motions were approved:

    Approve and receive the minutes of the 2022 Annual Meeting held June 8, 2022 – MOTION WAS SUSTAINED

    Affirmation of 2023 Nominees – MOTION WAS SUSTAINED

    The Nominating Committee recommended the following candidates for office in the 2023-24 ministry year:


    Rill Currie
    Deanna Hatmaker
    Adam Stratton
    Jaymes Wainright


    Beth Bruns
    Kara Burns
    Ingrid Frankovics
    Raeann Neil
    Kathy Skupski
    Sue Tranquilla
    Glenn Trevisan
    Rachel Villaroman
    Erin Walkowicz
    Marc Walkowicz


    Peggy Hoekstra
    Daniel Mahlmeister
    David Morland
    Ron Paradowicz


    Jane Black
    Margaret Hermatz
    Elaine Kamen
    Ben Mungai
    Carol Nowacki
    Rebecca Park
    Peter Tassi

    • Affirmation of Wayne Byrum as Ruling Elder (non-Session member) – MOTION WAS SUSTAINED
    • Adoption of the 2023/2024 fiscal year budget of $4,900,000 – MOTION WAS SUSTAINED

    By-law Changes (See details in the 2023 Meeting Guide via the download below):

    • Article II – Membership – MOTION WAS SUSTAINED
    • Article III – Annual Meeting Date – MOTION WAS SUSTAINED
    • Article IV – Compensation Approval Clarification – MOTION WAS SUSTAINED
    • Article VI – Number of Elders on Session – MOTION WAS SUSTAINED

    Read the Reports

    To review the budget for the 2023-24 year, read Ministry Reports, and read the bios of this year’s candidates, download the digital versions of the June 7 meeting guide and 2023 Annual Report.

    Annual Report

    Download printable PDF

    Meeting Guide

    Download printable PDF

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is the Annual Meeting?

    Wednesday evening, June 7, 7 p.m., in-person in Knox Hall and by Zoom (for Ward members).

    Who should attend the meeting?

    All formal members of Ward Church. Anyone who is not a member may still be a non-voting participant.

    How do I access the Zoom meeting?

    Members received an email with the link to join the meeting.

    What if I don’t have a computer, smart phone, or tablet?

    Members will be able to join by phone. The number to call is included in the email with the Zoom meeting link.

    How will I vote on Zoom?

    Voting will take place electronically during the meeting. You can place your vote easily with a click of the mouse, or a press of button.

    What if there is more than one Ward Church member in my family? Can we each vote?

    It depends on whether you attend in person or by Zoom.

    If you are in person, any member present can vote by voice vote.

    If you are joining by Zoom, each member needs their own device (computer, tablet, or smart phone) in order to be able to vote. We recognize that this makes sharing a computer difficult if couples or families want to register separate votes. If you view the agenda in advance and determine the votes within your household would not vary, you may use one device, one vote.

    Will I be able to ask a question or speak to a motion?

    If you are attending in person, there will be microphones available for you to ask any questions.

    If you are attending by Zoom, you will be able to type your question or comment in the chat, or hit the “raise your hand” button to be called upon to speak. When called upon, you’ll need to “unmute” yourself in order to be heard. If possible, please enable your video while asking a question so you may be seen and heard.

    What is on the agenda?

    Physical copies of the meeting guide and annual report will be available. You can download the digital versions above.

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