Grace Chapel is now Ward Church Farmington Hills

On Sunday, Feb. 20, 2022, the members of Ward Church and Grace Chapel voted for the Grace Chapel building and property to become part of Ward’s second campus location. As a daughter church of Ward for over 40 years, Grace Chapel was looking to embark on a new chapter in its church’s history. Having been without a pastor for two years, the Grace Chapel leadership saw this as an opportunity to reconnect with its parent church, and continue growing the church and spreading the gospel throughout the local community.

It held its final service as Grace Chapel on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2022. The church has now closed its doors temporarily, to undergo renovations and updates. The Grace Chapel congregation, now known as Ward Church Farmington Hills, will attend Sunday services at Ward Church Northville until renovations are complete. The Farmington Hills campus will begin Sunday services at its facility on Halsted Road on Sunday, Sept. 25.

From now until Sept. 25, Ward Church members and former Grace Chapel members are working together as part of a launch team to build a campus strategy that will incorporate Ward Church’s mission and vision, while identifying opportunities to localize expressions of God’s love in the Farmington Hills community. If you are interested in joining the New Campus Launch Team, contact Farmington Hills Campus Pastor Sean Carroll at


Where will Ward Church Farmington Hills be located?

Ward Church Farmington Hills will be located at the former Grace Chapel location: 27996 Halsted Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48331.

I am a Grace Chapel member. How do I transfer my membership to Ward?

If you are currently a formal member of Grace Chapel, please email Karol Gee at if you want to become a Ward member. Please plan to transfer your membership from Grace Chapel to Ward by March 30, 2022.

If you are not currently a formal member of Grace Chapel, but wish to become a member of Ward Church, please sign up for the next Ward DNA class. This class teaches you more about God’s story and how you and Ward fit into that story. This class is a prerequisite for membership to Ward Church. Learn more on our Membership page.

How can I transfer my giving from Grace Chapel to Ward Church?

Any recurring gifts in the Grace Chapel online giving system will be discontinued March 1 and the system will be shut down.

Your giving history to Grace Chapel will be securely transferred into Ward’s systems where you will be able to login and generate reports.

To begin a new recurring gift series or make one-time gifts to Ward Church Farmington Hills, please wait until Sunday, March 6 to allow time for our databases to be merged. At that time, visit There, you can set up your new recurring or one-time gift. When choosing a designation for where to give, choose the “Farmington Hills” campus if you intend to attend at Ward Church Farmington Hills in the fall. Do not give to the Northville campus, even though you are attending there in the interim.

If you wish to give by cash or check, please designate on the envelope and/or memo line that this is for the Ward Church Farmington Hills campus.

Will Grace Chapel's regularly scheduled programs and activities continue?

The building will be closed for the summer for renovations and so no on-campus programming will occur at that time. The Ward Church Farmington Hills congregation will attend Sunday services at Ward Church Northville until the new campus reopens in the fall. Grace Chapel small groups will continue to meet in homes.

The Appalachia Impact Mission Trip will be taking place this summer. Registration will be opening on Ward’s website soon.

When Ward Church Farmington Hills opens in September, former classes and programming that occurred at Grace Chapel may change, depending on the needs of the community and to better align with the Northville campus’ educational focus and offerings.

Will the Ward Church Farmington Hills campus maintain office hours during the spring and summer?

The Farmington Hills staff will work at the Northville campus throughout the spring and summer while the building is closed.

When will the Ward Church Farmington Hills campus reopen?

The Farmington Hills campus will reopen on Sunday, September 25. The worship service will be followed by a grand reopening celebration, taking place in the parking lot featuring food, attractions and fun!

What will the Sunday service be like at Ward Church Farmington Hills?

The majority of the Sunday service will happen live, including announcements, music and other worship elements, like communion and baptism/dedication. The Farmington Hills campus will closely follow the contemporary worship style as experienced at the Northville campus: “Gifted and diverse musicians lead updated hymns, classic choruses, and new songs. Led by a band, our aim is musical excellence devoid of showmanship.” Attendees will receive the sermon via a video simulcast from the Ward Church Northville campus.

Note: For those wishing to watch online, you can view the Ward Church Northville Sunday services at

How will the Ward Church Farmington Hills campus be like the Northville campus and how will they be different?

The Farmington campus will maintain the integrity of Ward’s values, doctrine, beliefs and overall mission. But, we hope it will take on a distinctly “Farmington” flavor over time. That may be seen in the types of ministries that take root, the outreach that occurs around the area, and the people who come to worship there.

Initially, the Farmington Hills campus will offer the same type of small group curriculum and children’s and youth programming that the Northville campus is doing. Farmington Hill’s Sunday morning service will closely reflect the style of the Northville campus’ 10:30 a.m. contemporary worship service.

What will the children's and youth programs be like at Ward Church Farmington Hills?

Ward Church has a strong, robust Sunday morning children’s program, called WardKids, and uses the Orange curriculum. The Farmington Hills campus will follow the same curriculum and program structure as what is offered in Northville.

During the first year, the Farmington Hills middle and high school students will gather together at the Farmington Hills campus on Wednesday nights. The students will then be bussed over to the Northville campus to join the larger WardStudents gathering.

What staff positions will there be at Ward Church Farmington Hills?

There will be a campus pastor, a campus coordinator/admin and contemporary worship director.

How can I get updates on the reopening of Ward Church Farmington Hills?

Stay tuned to this page for further updates and progress throughout the spring and summer of 2022. If you are interested in joining the New Campus Launch Team, contact Farmington Hills Campus Pastor Sean Carroll at