What is your life purpose? How has God created you to make a difference in the world around you?

Spiritual Gifts – Heart – Abilities – Personality – Experiences

  • S: We believe every follower of Christ has spiritual gifts which have been given by God to build His kingdom.
  • H: Each of us have compassion, passion and heart for certain people and issues.
  • A: We have each developed abilities through education, vocation, and interests
  • P: God has given each of us a unique personality and traits with strengths for ministry
  • E: God uses each of our life experiences to give us awareness, wisdom and sensitivity to others.

Wish to volunteer?

If you would like to volunteer at Ward using your gifts, enter cindy.ziemba@ward.church in the “Church Leader” field at the end of the assessment. Cindy will receive a copy of your results and be in contact with you in regards to how to get connected at Ward!


Need help understanding your Spiritual Gift results?


You are able to guide and direct a group of people toward God-given goals through planning and organizing. This gift is similar to leadership, but is generally more oriented to tasks, details and organization

Many ministries at Ward benefit from administrators to accomplish organization and execute effective programs. For example, Ward Trustees oversee the details of building use and finances for all ministries.


You discern spiritual hunger in individuals who do not know Jesus, and are able to share the difference God has made in your life.

Evangelism is the heart of Ward ministries, and you can touch lives by sharing God’s story in your workplace, with family and friends, in groups, with students and children, and through outreach oriented trips and events.


You are able to apply Scripture to behavior and help Christians take life steps toward maturity. You are able to strengthen others by challenging, comforting and encouraging them to trust God.

If you have the gift of teaching, you are able to point others to deeper maturity in Christ. As a member of a small group, you bring wise counsel, perspective and as needed, accountability.


You experience joy when you share your time and resources to strengthen God’s work and to help others.

Ward ministries are dependent on donors and volunteers. Your consistent giving of money and time allow our ministry leaders to develop long-range plans.


You practically and cheerfully help those who are suffering, in need, or those unable to care for their own needs. Your compassion moves you toward the hurting, the forgotten, and the underserved.

The volunteer website suggests many compassion ministries, and Ward frequently also provides Detroit serve and mission trips designed to help the hurting and underserved. Ward deacons oversee practical care ministry of the entire congregation.


You are able to understand how God’s message and truths are practical for today, and can effectively share it with others. You are committed to the truth of God’s words. You may be used by God to create conviction and repentance.

Prophets have a role in leadership to direct ministries and individuals toward truth.


You have the ability to oversee, guide, train and care for a group of Christians. You are people-focused and a leader.

Shepherds are ideal leaders for Bible studies and small groups of all ages, because you care for the individuals and not just the message. Your faithfulness to a group of people over time will result in lives being transformed.


You share the love of Christ by taking care of the behind-the-scenes tasks that are necessary for ministry to take place, for people to feel welcome, and for needs to be met. You find joy in completing practical tasks in order for others to experience God’s presence.

Because of the size of Ward ministries, there are many areas where practical help is needed –technology, clerical, data entry, coffee service are just a few.


You enjoy studying and learning. You are able to understand the Bible, explain it to others, and apply it to current situations in a way that others respond and move toward Christ.

There are many opportunities to teach adults, students, and children on Sunday mornings, in short-term classes and throughout the week.