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    Ward Church Serve 1 week ago

    As we enter this new year, is one of your resolutions to connect more deeply and meaningfully with people around you?

    You never know how you might impact a life through serving in the church.

    I’m sure we all can recall a time in our life when a servant of God touched our life and it’s through their selfless love and giving that we are the people, and Christians, that we are today.

    Will you be that person for someone else?

    It’s easy to sign up to volunteer. Text the word “serve” to 248.206.2481. Or, visit ward.church/serve and see the opportunities we have there and fill out an online form. When you’re in person at one of our campuses, fill out a paper connect card, check the box “Serving at Ward” and drop it off at one of our desks.


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