Updates: COVID-19

The coronavirus continues to dominate the news. Even though the risk to the general public is low (according to the CDC), it is natural and prudent to be concerned about anything referred to as a “global pandemic.” Even the stock market has been rattled by concerns of global impact. Fear is one of the biggest movers of the market. How should we respond?

WardKids Playlist

We have another way to connect what your child(ren) are learning on Sundays with the rest of your week! Pop this playlist on in the car or at home. These songs are WardKids Sunday top-hits. You can learn them, too, and enjoy singing along with your child(ren).

Ward Church Playlists // Songs of Hope

Our Classic and Modern worship directors, John Beresford and Abbey Huisinga, have curated a list of their top worship songs to inspire hope. Bring hours of Songs of Hope to your weekly rhythm by adding these playlists to your library.

Breathing Room – Nightly Scripture + Prayer with a Pastor

Uncertainty, isolation and challenges abound. But Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). What would it look like to make space, at the end of every day, to return to his Word? To join in prayer? Let’s find out together! Several of our pastors here at Ward Church will be hopping on Facebook Live nightly at 9 p.m. to read scripture and pray.

Easter at Ward

We observe Holy Week with a posture of reflection, heaviness and gratitude. Remembering the life and death of Jesus in this way brings a fullness of joy when we celebrate the resurrection and what it means for the world today. We warmly invite you to celebrate the hope we have in Jesus this Easter.

Easter Serving Opportunities

New and returning guests need smiling faces, simple directions, and shuttle lifts to get around campus. Be part of serving our community at one of the Easter events this year!

Storytime at the Climb ‘n Slide

Children love to be read to and we love to read! Enjoy some time in the playscape before hearing the story, after the story or both! Stories are geared toward preschool-aged children. Registration is not required. Bring your friends!

NextGen Summer Camp 2020

June 15-19 at Michindoh. This year, we get to offer three camps at a single, new location. Our NextGen Summer Camp has space for Elementary (grades 2-5), Middle School (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12) and is located 90 miles west of Ward Church. Michindoh has 250 beautiful acres of rolling hills, wetlands, and a private spring-fed lake, the camp offers numerous recreational activities to entertain, develop, and challenge guests of all ages. Join us for a great week of learning about Jesus, fun and more!

Volunteer Spotlight: Next Steps Kids

They may seem little, but God uses them to do big things. “They” are the annual group of WardKids who take the Next Steps Class. This year, 23 students with a parent met to learn about what it means to be a Christian, about baptism and communion. They were challenged to use their abilities to bless others.

How to Support Someone on Their Journey Through Grief

Chances are, you’ve got a friend or family member who is stumbling along their own personal journey of grief. Learn five ways to best support them during tough seasons.

A Global Crisis: Human Trafficking

Saturday, March 14, 2020 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., Chapel Suite 3. Join us to learn more about this issue, both globally and locally, and what you can do to support the fight against human trafficking. Speakers include Jeff McKinley, Executive Director and Alex Miller, Field Operations Director of Not Abandoned, an organization whose mission is to intervene in the sex industry and provide practical options and accessible programming to victims and families.

From Grief to New Hope Workshop

If you or someone you know is grieving after the death of a loved one, consider attending this helpful, free, 8-week workshop beginning March 2, 2020.

Volunteer Spotlight: Orna Fathers

Did you know there are over 100 unique roles filled by volunteers each month? In this series, Cindy Ziemba will be sharing stories of some of our wide range of volunteers at Ward Church, all serving to lead generations to live and love like Jesus!

Tuesday Groups for Women

Are you weary of winter weather? Do the gray skies have you feeling blue? Consider beating the Winter Doldrums by joining a Tuesday women’s group. We have 2 new studies starting in the next few weeks and this would be the perfect time to jump in and get spiritually refreshed and renewed!

WardKids Easter Egg Hunt

*CANCELED* March 28, 10 a.m. Knox Hall. WardKids will host their annual INDOOR Easter Egg Hunt for children ages 2 years old through 2nd grade on Saturday, March 28 at 10 a.m. Join us for a fun morning while we sing and dance, hunt for eggs, and gather for storytime with a special prize for each family. ReNu Coffee will be open at 9:30 a.m. and the playscape will open 15 minutes after the event from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.!

FX: A Family Experience

Sunday, March 1 at 9:30 a.m. in Knox Hall – FX is an amazing event in Knox Hall where kids (K-Grade 5) bring parents and grandparents to learn. High-energy, high-production drama, games and interactions introduce a memorable virtue, with attitudes and behaviors to match.

Thoughtful Theology Seminar

One of Ward Church’s Core Values is “Thoughtful Theology.” We avoid simplistic answers and ask some tough questions in our faith and in our lives. If you’ve ever had questions about God’s sovereignty, humankind’s depravity or predestination – we’ll dive into some teaching and discussion on this and more at the upcoming seminar. 

The Masks We Love to Wear

Widening our circles and learning to lean on other people isn’t easy because vulnerability can come at a cost. But so can trying to parent in isolation. Removing our masks isn’t easy.

WardStudents Short-Term Trips

WardStudents have an opportunity to participate in two different short-term trips this summer to Guatemala and Detroit.