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  • Pray for our missionaries: Scott + JoEllen

    Ward Church Outreach 7 months ago

    Meet Scott + JoEllen

    Scott and JoEllen Cherry live in east Dearborn and they serve with Advance Ministries. Their work includes a wide variety of activities including evangelism to students at the U-M Dearborn campus, seminars, open-air preaching, literature distribution, park ministry, and neighborhood evangelism. The Muslim campus students are listening, participating and the Spirit of the Lord seems to be making a difference in their heart. Scott also leads the Faith and Reason program at the Dearborn campus and participates in the annual Legacy Conference which provides training for ministry to Muslims. To God Be The Glory!

    If you would like to learn more about these and other missionaries we support around the globe, contact Director of Outreach and Guest Services Sue Hanstad at sue.hanstad@ward.church.

    To see a full listing of our missionaries and where they serve, visit the Ward Serves the Nations page.

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