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  • Pray for our missionaries: J + A

    Ward Church Outreach 23 hours ago

    Meet J + A

    Upon hitting retirement in 2013, J + A*, EPC World Outreach missionaries to southeast Asia, decided to live and work among people on the other side of the world who had little access to learning about Jesus. Along the way, they have experienced God’s grace, provision, protection and power. Here are just some of the stories they’ve collected during the pandemic:

    They and their teammates had an ambitious plan to travel through the states in their country, praying and looking for opportunities to share the gospel in 2021. On one of their trips, they stopped to eat at a restaurant and J gifted a hat to a man they met named Mr. A, who was sharing lunch with his wife. It turned out to be Mr. A’s 60th birthday. They invited J + A and their team to their village home the next day, where they were able to share Jesus stories with Mr. A’s family. On a follow-up visit, they met more of Mr. A’s family, including a daughter who spoke English. A had a chance to talk with the daughter on a deeper level about spiritual truths. They continue to remain in contact with the family.

    During a brief period back in the U.S. this past fall, J met Pavel, a man from Ukraine, while waiting on an order at a restaurant. Soon J + A started sharing the teaching on Psalm 13 they had just heard. Pavel opened up his phone and read Psalm 13 on his own, receiving this message of transformation from lament to praise wholeheartedly. 

    J + A were able to go back to their adopted country in December and since then have been working with their teammates, alongside two nearby pastors, to continue doing ministry among the people. “God has guided us equally well at home and abroad,” said J. “So, wherever we go, we are always aware and praying for and expecting opportunities that we know will soon occur.” Pray for them as they continue to encounter barriers to their work to share the Jesus with people, but they are encouraged by how God continues to open doors wherever they go.

    If you would like to learn more about these and other missionaries we support around the globe, contact Director of Outreach and Guest Services Sue Hanstad at sue.hanstad@ward.church.

    *Due to the sensitivity of the area where they live, we are only listing their initials and omitting the name of the country where they serve.

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