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  • Pray for our missionaries: Billy + Kate Greenman

    Ward Church Outreach 8 months ago

    Meet Billy + Kate

    Billy and Kate Greenman are working with teens and young adults in Lima, Peru. Growing up at Ward Church, Billy participated in many of the youth group mission trips, ministering to vulnerable kids in the city of Lima and around the country. After deciding to move to Lima and serve full-time, Billy and Kate spent many years working directly with the staff and children at the Scripture Union homes. Their experiences at the homes led Billy to pursue a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (Wheaton College) and then return to Peru to work with teens and young adults who have graduated from children’s homes – including the same homes where the Greenmans started. Today, they train staff in trauma-informed care and coordinate a mentoring program between churches and children’s homes.

    If you would like to learn more about these and other missionaries we support around the globe, contact Director of Outreach and Guest Services Sue Hanstad at sue.hanstad@ward.church.

    To see a full listing of our missionaries and where they serve, visit the Ward Serves the Nations page.

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