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    Volunteer Spotlight: Kurt Lipsky By

     “Where have I been saying no? What am I afraid of – where I can take a step in faith and say yes? God asked Moses to just say yes, and God opened the doors for him. He’ll do that for me. Do I want to be the guy who buries what God has given me?” asks Ward elder Kurt Lipsky, “Or be one who just gives back a little? Or – do I want to be one who has done the most with what He’s given me?”

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    Volunteer Spotlight: Gary Becker By

    “It’s not what you have imagined. It is not as much time as you think. And it is more rewarding than you would ever believe.”In spite of some early hesitations, this is how Gary Becker sums up the role of being a deacon. Gary grew up in church, and after he and Stacey married, they were always involved “making ministry happen.”

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