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  • Serving in Jesus’ name is a Win-Win

    Ward Church Serve 8 months ago

    Serving others is a mandate within the Kingdom of God. But it’s not meant to be a compulsory, “must-do” obligation. As with all things with God, when we trust and obey His word, He promises to bless us richly. The blessings may not always be material – oftentimes they are spiritual and relational. As Hebrews 6:10 says, “God…will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”

    In this season, we invite you to step out in faith and test the Lord in this. If you are serving, continue to serve joyfully wherever God has placed you. Email us your story about how serving has had a positive impact on your life! If you are not serving anywhere, consider where God might be sending you. It may be in the church. It may be in your neighborhood. It may be in the city. It may be on the other side of the world. We’re humbly suggesting that your life is enriched in ways you never imagined, when you sacrifice your time and talents to do God’s work. Hands down, it’s a win/win.

    Step 1: Take the spiritual gifts assessment

    If you’re not sure what your gifts are, start by taking the spiritual gifts assessment. Go to www.placeministries.org and register to take the FREE spiritual assessment. Then, click on “Take the free spiritual gift assessment” and then click on “Spiritual Gift Assessment Answer Sheet.” Scroll down on that page where you will find the start of the test. 

    Step 2: Sign up to “shadow” a Ward team member or start serving in a ministry

    Once you have your results from your spiritual assessment, take note of those categories where you scored the highest. If you are hesitant about jumping into serving at Ward, we welcome you to sign up to “shadow” someone on a Sunday morning. If you are ready to start serving on a team, we welcome you to check out the current serving opportunities available.

    Below are some serving opportunities, categorized according to spiritual giftings:

    Exhortation, Discernment, Knowledge, Teaching + Leadership

    Potential roles for you at Ward Church:

    Evangelism, Mercy + Helps

    Potential roles for you at Ward Church:


    Check out some stories of those who have discovered unlooked-for blessings as they’ve served!


    Planning to attend Farmington Hills and want to help make the launch a success? Click the button below for serving slots in September and October.


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