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  • Volunteer Spotlight: COVID Response Technology Team

    Ward Church General 1 month ago

    When the COVID-19 quarantine began, most of us were able to shift to new ways of communication and interaction without face-to-face opportunities. However, some in our community felt cut off from loved ones, and did not have the knowledge or equipment for even watching Ward worship services. That’s where the Ward’s COVID-19 technology team stepped in.

    Dan Putman was one of the early ones to volunteer. Dan is a retired IT Director, and has worked with the Ward team to navigate other technical challenges. Dan agreed to lead the COVID tech team, whose nine members helped Ward attendees connect to the live stream worship services and sermons, taught Zoom navigation to small group members, showed some how to connect to the Breathing Room and to Right Now Media accounts, and assisted with general tech support.

    Dan’s most satisfying experience was when a Ward missionary living overseas reached out to them for assistance in communicating with an elderly parent. The team was able to acquire a used ipad for their mother and teach her to use it, and since then, the family members have enjoyed using FaceTime to spend time together.

    As often happens, Dan says the experience gave a boost to not only those needing help, but to the team members as well. Several were frustrated while off work and bored, and the opportunity to help others was fulfilling. And now, some in our community are experiencing the delight of re-connections because of the tech team’s work.

    Hats off to our technology support team!

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