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  • Volunteer Spotlight: Connection Center

    Cindy Ziemba Featured 5 months ago

    Josh Shunk has been a volunteer in guest services and will be overseeing the welcome area of the new connection center currently under construction.

    What is your hope for the Connection Center?

    The vision is that it will allow the Ward family to connect in ways they haven’t in the past. We hope to provide a welcoming place, be friendly faces, and hope to be able to share who are at Ward and what we value.

    You’ve been at Ward for seven years. What nudged you to do more that slip in and out of services?

    Kristin and I believe it takes an army around us to raise our family. We came in as newlyweds, hoping to find some like-minded community. We believe the only way to grow in Christ is through community. The demands of life are so great that we need people to come alongside and encourage us and hold us accountable. We wanted it – and we know others need it.

    What nudged you to become involved with Guest Services?

    We believe it is important to feel like you are among people who want you to be here. We saw that need, and we want to be part of a community of welcoming others.

    What would you say to someone who is thinking about volunteering?

    Give it a try – in fact, try several things. You don’t know your fit until you do. The level of fulfillment is greater than anything else you do. God has given all of us talents to use, so we need to learn, and then share what we have learned.


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