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  • Updates: Construction and Concrete

    Ward Church General 8 months ago

    A couple of quick updates for you. We originally planned to perform a significant amount of concrete and pavement repairs around the campus in early November, but the early snow storm and cold weather dashed our plans for that. Given the later time period and colder / snowier weather facing us now, we were forced to perform some temporary patching in all the areas needing attention, rather than gambling costlier concrete work that could turn out to be unacceptable due to the weather conditions. These temporary patches will be replace with new concrete when warmer weather returns, but our walks will be safer in the meantime.

    Also, with the closing on the sale of our property, work can now commence on the relocation of our ball fields. In fact, this work will likely start before the construction work for the senior housing complex, currently set for April 2020, weather permitting. So, if you notice equipment being staged on the western end of our property, that will be for the ball field work.

    Thanks for reading and all you do for Ward Church!
    John Nowacki, Director of Campus Services

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