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    Scott McKee Men's Ministry 8 years ago

    I am a sucker for testimonial advertisements. The “before” picture shows someone who is overweight, or bankrupt, or sad, or bald. The “after” picture shows the same person thin, or rich, or happy, or running his fingers through his luscious locks of hair. Testimonial ads are persuasive. Sometimes they seem too good to be true.

    The above “Hair Club for Pastors” advertisement looks real (well, sort of real), but is, in fact, the hair of youth worker Joe Daley superimposed on my big head. It turns out it wasn’t a real transformation at all.

    God’s word calls people to be transformed. I think most people really want to be transformed. It is the cry of every human heart to become more than we are. Sometimes, if a person doesn’t experience God’s true transformation immediately, they may settle for a false or superficial transformation. They may adopt religious language, obey key biblical commands, and engage in church activities. However, God has much more in mind than just keeping up appearances.  God’s transformation produces a heart of love and a life of fruit.

    How is God transforming you?  Which fruit (Galatians 5:22-23) are being produced in your life right now?  How is God at work in you and in the people you love?

    This Easter season, let us celebrate the God for whom all things are possible.  Let us be changed by the God who loves us just as we are, but makes true transformation possible.  Let us find our hope in our risen savior.  For a full schedule of Holy Week activities, go to www.wardchurch.org.


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