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  • 7 Days of Prayer – Sept. 13-19

    Ward Church General 5 days ago

    7 Days of Prayer – Sept. 13-19

    We invite you to join us Monday, Sept. 13 through Sunday, Sept. 19 as we pray daily, personally and corporately. Each day will feature a different theme and this is a pattern you can continue to repeat throughout the coming year:

    This is a critical time in the life of all the churches, and ours is no exception. In preparation for the “new normal” and to encourage our people to grow in discipleship, Session is calling for a season of prayer to listen to the voice of our Lord and beseech him to bring us together in one body. Our hope is that these 7 days will help you develop a discipline of daily prayer, strengthening you even more as you join God in his mission to draw people to Himself through Ward Church.

    3 Ways to Participate:

    • Sign up for text alerts! Text “Prayer” to 248.965.4776 to receive daily text alerts between 9/12-9/20.
    • Pick up a prayer card. There will be prayer cards available starting Sunday, Sept. 12, that you can pick up at Ward Church, to aid you in your prayer time. You can also continue to use them daily/weekly beyond the end of this special week of prayer.
    • Follow along with the daily blog posts! Visit ward.church/7-days-prayer to access the daily blog posts, as well as  child-friendly resources and a Spotify worship playlist, to edify your family’s prayer time that day.

    The pandemic of 2020-21 caused our church to adapt to situations and circumstances that were necessary, but sometimes outside our comfort zones. We recognize how taxing that time was. Add that to the fear, discord and general distrust emerging from our secular culture, and we can see what kind of impact that has had on our people. As we move past the transient programming of the last year and a half and returning to a “new normal,” that looks like new staff, new worship times and new opportunities. Let’s be in prayer that God will guide us and our church in this new season.



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