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  • Romans 8 small group + sermon series

    Ward Church General 4 weeks ago

    Romans 8 is a powerful picture of the gospel and what a relationship with God looks like. It begins with a picture of death that leads us to understand our need for Jesus. Upon salvation, we are told to set our minds on the things of God, to cry out to Him as our Father, and to know we can’t be separated from His love. What better time to meditate on these truths than during the Lenten season – a time for quiet contemplation, fasting and repentance as we approach Easter.

    For five weeks starting February 21, we will journey through Romans 8 as a congregation. If you feel far from God or are in search of hope in the midst of troubling times, this chapter will be like balm to the soul!

    When: February 21-March 21

    Where: Small group study + Sunday morning sermon series

    How: Plan to join us on Sundays – in-person or online – as we walk verse by verse through Romans. We invite you to also join a small group, where the discussion gets deeper and you can share with others what you’re learning and how you’re growing! Study guides are available for $5 on Sundays in the Main Hallway at the Current Focus Kiosks. Or, you can get a free PDF version of the study guide on the Ward Church app.

    Not part of a small group? Sign up today!

    Small groups are forming now! Contact Director of Small Groups Jenni Miller at jenni.miller@ward.church to get connected with a group.

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