Minor in name only

The Minor Prophets bring messages from God to the people of Israel and to people, like us, today. Each of the twelve books that make up the Minor Prophets offers their own take on God’s justice and mercy. Of the nine that we will study in this series, we hear a call to the people to turn away from their idols and immoral ways of life, and to turn, instead, to God by offering their entire selves as worship. God calls out those who are corrupt and promises hope to the oppressed. 

Today, the Minor Prophets are calling us to do the same—to return to God. As part of our fall sermon and small group series (Oct. 3-Nov. 28, 2021), we will dust off the Books of the Minor Prophets and, together, discover what these men of old have to share with those of us living in the 21st century.

Each week, we’ll dive into a different book of the Minor Prophets. We will also watch videos by BibleProject, that help to expound on these books and draw back the layers a bit more to understand what was happening during the prophet’s time and what their message means in light of the greater story God is unfolding throughout His Word. Access a playlist of the videos below. Small group study guides are for sale at Ward Church, or download a digital version at the bottom of this page.

Get ready to tune your ears to hear the prophets’ messages and glean timeless truths that transcend the ages, telling us who God is and how He works to fulfill His promises for all people.

Bible Project Video Playlist

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Want to follow along each week with the Ward-developed small group guide? Here is the digital download.