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  • “Return” Sermon + Small Group Series: Oct. 3-Nov. 28

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    October 3-November 28
    He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.

    The prophets of the Old Testament were many things, and often evoked different reactions from people. But one thing they certainly were not is BORING. In fact, some of the most vivid and engaging writing you’ll find in the entire Bible is found in one of the most overlooked sections of the Bible: the Books of the Minor Prophets. They spoke to the Israelite nation – using sometimes harsh rhetoric to implore a wayward people to return to God. At first blush, you might perceive their words as being out-of-date and lacking relevance for today’s world. But, if you take time to dig deeper, you’ll find that is far from the truth. God’s word is a Living Word and the messages that hit home with people centuries ago can still hold relevance for us today. In fact, we believe you’ll be surprised by how timely their words are for today’s world.

    Study Guides + Videos

    You can view a playlist of videos from the BibleProject that covers each minor prophet, and access a digital download of the small group study guide at ward.church/return.

    Weekly topics:

    • October 3                    Micah: What does the Lord require?
    • October 10                  Joel: Return to Me
    • October 17                  Amos: How to Measure a Life
    • October 24                  Obadiah: My brother’s keeper?
    • October 31                  Nahum: Good and Angry
    • November 7                Habakkuk: When You Disagree with God
    • November 14              Zephaniah: When God Sings
    • November 21              Haggai : Renewing Your Reality
    • November 28              Malachi: Unchanging God



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