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  • Rediscover Church small group + sermon series – Sept. 25-Nov. 20

    Ward Church Groups 1 month ago

    Rediscovering our roots

    The Book of Acts records the humble beginnings of the new community centered in Christ which grew to become a global movement. When you think of the historic church, especially in the first few centuries, don’t think grand cathedrals, think living rooms. Don’t think institutions, think relationships. The early church was organic and relational and passionate, and countercultural, and it spread like wildfire around the world.

    This 9-week series will explore just the first seven chapters of the Book of Acts. By looking at the birth of the church, we will rediscover our roots. More than that, we will rediscover the beauty and power of the local church that Jesus envisioned.

    Sermon line-up:

    Sept. 25: Good things come to those who wait (Acts 1:1-11)

    Oct. 2: Filled with the Spirit (Acts 2:1-24)

    Oct. 9: Devoted to the right things (Acts 2:42-47; Acts 4:32-35; Matthew 16:18)

    Oct. 16: Sharing Jesus (Acts 3:1-10)

    Oct. 23: Courage in the Face of Opposition (Acts 4:1-31)

    Oct. 30: No pretending (Acts 5:1-11)

    Nov. 6: Partnering with God (Acts 5:12-42) 

    Nov. 13: Getting Sidetracked (Acts 6:1-7)

    Nov. 20: Heroic Faith (Acts 6:8-8:4)

    Go deeper in a small group

    As you are following along with the sermons, consider also joining or leading a small group as we engage with the companion curriculum, developed in-house at Ward Church. This is a great way to go deeper into scripture, expounding further on what is being taught on Sundays and really digesting how it all applies to our lives in the real world.

    Join or lead a small group:

    If you want to do life together with others or want to dive into scripture alongside others at Ward, small groups are the place to be! There are small groups for every age and life stage. We have men’s and women’s only groups, as well as mixed groups. Learn more and sign up!

    Access the small group videos:

    As part of our small group series on the book of Acts, we have developed a series of companion videos you can watch, on-demand. View the videos in our on-demand media section, our apps for Roku and Apple TV, our mobile apps for iOS and Android, or on our YouTube Channel.

    Get Connected:

    Contact Director of Small Groups and Young Adults Jenni Neighbour at 248.374.5998 or email her at jenni.neighbour@ward.church with questions. Or, visit our Small Group page to sign up today!

    Download a digital version of the guide


    Watch the companion videos




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