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  • Power Struggle sermon series – July 3-Aug. 14

    Ward Church Groups 3 weeks ago

    The fight within us

    Power is a word that is not innately good or evil, but if we can be honest, we live in a culture that tends to obsess about power. Whether in the political arena, professional sports or superhero movies, we love the idea of a mere mortal possessing the authority and the ability to accomplish more than seems humanly possible. But every individual doesn’t have the same relationship with power. Some feel that they don’t have enough power. Others feel that they barely have enough, and they want to hold onto what they have. There are even those who possess power but can’t get enough of it to satisfy their appetite for it.

    So, what does God’s word have to say about this?

    The Book of Ephesians was a letter originally addressed to people who lived in a society that was also obsessed with power. Ephesus was a city of influence, status, economic strength and religious zeal for idols. There was also a heightened sense of awareness among its people for the spirit realm and the reality of unseen supernatural forces.

    Such an environment influenced people to yearn for power. That inherent yearning for power is a double-edged sword; when pursued apart from God’s plan and design, power can become a destructive force. But when God’s power, lives inside us we can be used by Him as a vessel for good.

    Over the next seven weeks we will study the Book of Ephesians towards the goal of better understanding the role of God’s power in our lives.

    Week 1: Power Struggle

    Week 2: The Power of Knowing Who You Are

    Week 3: Power for the Powerless

    Week 4: The Power to Tear Down Walls of Division

    Week 5: Power through Prayer

    Week 6: The Power of a Unified Church

    Week 7: Power over Darkness

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