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March 11, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For parents of kids ages infant through 12th grade

Registration is $45 per person. Childcare available – $15 per child for first 2 kids, additional kids are free (breakfast and lunch included – when you have a lunch break, leave your kiddos with us). Spots are limited.


They’re worth it. The gospel is worth it.

When you became a parent, you felt the weight immediately. This human being depends upon you for everything! This means it’s up to us to teach scripture and lead our families as spiritual leaders. Thankfully, to raise kids who follow Jesus, you don’t need to be theologically trained, wonderfully organized, or a brilliant communicator. You have to be faithful. Faithful to remind them that Christ is enough, to preach grace, always and only. Faithful to confess when you are in the wrong, to point them to Jesus in all things.

We will learn about ways to be faithful so that we can point our kids toward a life of long-lasting faith. We will learn together to be parents who establish the priority of teaching faith and how to actually do that work in our own homes without losing our minds.

Who is a parent? 

  • Every married parent
  • Every unmarried parent
  • Every divorced parent
  • Every adoptive and foster parent
  • Every stepparent
  • Every guardian
  • Every person who brings up and cares for another

Featured Speaker: Stuart Hall

Powered by 30 years of next-generation leadership experience, Stuart serves as Director of Student Leadership and Leadership Networking for Orange and also leads INFLUNSR, an organization whose mission is to fuel the next generation of leaders worth following. Combining a unique balance of self-deprecating, anecdotal humor, iconoclastic insight and powerful application, Stuart speaks to thousands of junior high, high school and college students, student pastors, parents, leaders, and coaches every year through camps, retreats, and special events. Stuart and his wife Kellee reside in Buford, Georgia and have three young adult children.

About Orange

Orange is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to influence those who influence the next generation. They believe that two combined influences make a greater impact than just two individual influences. (The Church + Home = Greater Impact)

Breakout Rooms and Speakers

Select the breakout room that best fits the age and developmental stage of your children. You will choose which breakout room you want to join on the day of the event. Download the Summit Schedule.

Brittany Compton

Infant + Preschool Breakouts

Dan Scott

Elementary Breakouts

Charlie Conder

Middle School Breakouts

Brett Talley

High School Breakouts

Lead your family to live and love like Jesus

Following Jesus impacts someone’s future because it shapes their sense of identity, belonging, and purpose. Join us on the journey of learning how to lead our families faithfully. Gain tools and strategies to help equip you as a spiritual leader in your home.