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  • Open Doors Update

    Scott McKee Blog 8 years ago

    Hundreds of you made commitments to Open Doors last Sunday. New commitments arrive in the church office every day. Many more are expected over the next two weeks.  Thank you for your generosity.

    If you have not yet made a commitment to Open Doors, please do so by December 5.  Total commitments will be reported and celebrated during regular worship services on Sunday, December 7.  Stop by the Open Doors kiosk in the grand mall Sunday or go to www.opendoorsvision.com for more information.

    Open Door Stories:

    • A ring was given.
    • An Ethiopian  church expresses interest.
    • An Indian man cashes in his Rupees.
    • A former Ward Member now living out of state participates.
    • An online worshiper submits a pledge.

    To God be the Glory!

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