Make It Happen – Thanksgiving Offering

God gives us a passion for His Kingdom and directs our attention to those things he wants us to care for within His church. So, from Nov. 20-29, for this year’s Thanksgiving Offering, we invite you to consider what ministries, programs and activities you love most about Ward, and then give to “make it happen.” Review a list of over 40 projects and give to those projects that resonate most with you!

Florida Gulf Coast Disaster Relief Team

Hurricane Ian made landfall on September 28 along Florida’s Gulf Coast as a Category 4 hurricane. It has wrought devastation across many communities and most especially the Fort Myers area. Over 100 lives were lost and destruction is widespread. Join the Disaster Relief Team as they head to Florida on Nov. 5. You can also help by donating to Ward’s disaster relief fund.

MOMSnext Group

We know that your job as a mom doesn’t stop when your kiddos head off to school. Though new challenges and struggles arise as you enter into the school years with your kids, the need for community, hope, and friendship remains. That’s why we offer MOMSnext, a group specifically designed to meet the needs of moms with school-age children. Learn more!

Afghan Welcome Team needs volunteers

Our Outreach Team has immediate needs to assist those working on the Afghan Refugee Welcome Team. If you would like to make a direct impact on the lives of those coming from Afghanistan to settle in our area, learn more about how you can help.

English as a Second Language Conversation Groups

The diverse nature of the Farmington Hills community introduces opportunities for reaching people who would benefit from an ESL Conversation Group. Sign up to be a part of Conversation Groups that take place at the Farmington Hills campus (WCFH) for nine weeks on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Learn more.

Connection Dessert

Get to know Ward better – Attend next Connection Dessert

Have you been visiting Ward for a few months? A few weeks? Whether you’re just starting to explore the idea of church, or you’ve been growing in your relationship with Jesus for years but consider yourself new to Ward, this is the perfect first step. Sign up for an upcoming Connection Dessert at Ward Church Northville or Ward Church Farmington Hills.

Revelation 7:9 Fellowship

Ward Church Northville will launch a new group whose purpose will be to discuss how best to carry out the Great Commission to those within our 1-, 3- and 5-mile radius, and spend time studying the various people groups that make up this eclectic region.

Grief to New Hope 8-week Workshop

Has your grief left you feeling overwhelmed? Or, at times like you might be going crazy? Have you felt all alone with your grief?
Are you angry at God or questioning your faith? Are you riding an emotional roller coaster? Sign up for an 8-week workshop starting Sept. 19 at Ward Church Northville.

Ward Church Northville Fall Programs and Classes

There’s so much happening at Ward Church Northville this fall and we welcome you and your family to join in on the fun, learning and growth we are believing for in this new season.

Ward’s got it covered

As Ward Church embarks on a new adventure, to grow our ministry and reach new lives in a new community, we ask that you help us be a blessing to new neighbors. Let’s tell our neighbors in Farmington Hills, we “got you covered.”

Win/Win Volunteer Story: Scott + Patty Moore

For Scott and Patty Moore, there are few things that bring them more joy than serving the Lord and amongst their brothers and sisters in Christ. Read more about how serving at Ward has been a win/win for the Moores, and how they have set an example of service in the church.

Donate $30 to help a kid start the year off right!

Be a Backpack Buddy by sponsoring a child for just $30, which will be used to purchase a backpack and all of the supplies necessary to help them start off the year right! We are halfway through our goal of providing 1,000 backpacks to kids in need. We’ve extended the deadline through Sept. 30!

Sunday Morning Classes – fall schedule

We have a variety of classes that available to you on Sunday morning to help equip you for the mission of Ward – to lead generations to live and love like Jesus. We offer classes at 8, 9, 10:30 + 11:30 a.m. every Sunday morning. 

From Pastor Scott: Help for those deconstructing Christianity

It seems like everybody is deconstructing something. That is not a bad thing. Deconstruction precedes reconstruction, which, when done in healthy ways, leads to stronger foundations and more faithful structures. Pastor Scott offers guidance on how to do deconstruction that is still God-honoring and does not lead to deconversion.

Win/Win Volunteer Story: Mary Neighbour

There’s no question that Mary Neighbour has a heart and passion for serving others. Her parents and grandparents set the example of serving others in the name of Christ, and Mary has followed in their footsteps! Read more about how she sees serving God as a “win/win!”

Win/Win Volunteer Story: Robert Joyce

“I’ve really enjoyed getting here early, saying hi to people, joking around with people and hearing about how people’s lives are going in the morning,” said Robert Joyce, who says serving is a “win/win” because you are able to help others, but also broaden your own church network at the same time. Read his story.

Win/Win Volunteer Story: Elizabeth Fahling

“It’s challenging to find ways to connect with the kids in this ministry. But the extra challenge also makes it more rewarding!” says Elizabeth Fahling, who volunteers with Ward’s special needs ministry, Hand-in-Hand! Read her story.

Tuesday Groups for Women – Fall terms start 9/13

The fall term for the Tuesday Women’s Groups starts Sept. 13, 2022 at Ward Church Northville. To learn more and register for these morning classes, visit our Tuesday Women’s Groups page.

Win/Win Volunteer Story: Krissie + Parker Krenz

“I know the fear of over-commitment, but any gift of service is welcomed,” says Ward volunteer Krissie Krenz. “I started off serving every other week, and now serve every week. Everyone has been so welcoming, and it has been a great way for me to meet other Ward members.” Read more and learn why serving in the church has been so “win/win” for the Krenz family.