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  • The Miracle Moment: Small Group + Sermon Series

    Ward Church Groups 3 days ago

    Small Group + Sermon Series: Jan. 30-March 6

    There’s a moment in every conversation that can change the whole relationship. A moment when you can either move toward the other person or away from them, break a negative cycle or continue it, understand and be understood or remain confused and frustrated.

    That “miracle moment” can be a game-changer. It’s the moment where you choose to respond differently. 

    Once you learn how to recognize and respond to it, it holds the power to help transform the relationships you have―at home, in love, and at work―into the ones you really want.

    Starting Jan. 30, we will follow along with Nicole Unice’s book, “The Miracle Moment,” and learn how to “transform conflict into conversation.” Director of Small Groups + Young Adults Jenni Neighbour will be at the Current Focus Kiosk section (in the Main Hallway) every Sunday until Jan. 23, selling the books for only just $5! You can also sign up to lead or join a small group at that time.

    Small Groups

    Through discussion and ongoing study, small groups help one another discover meaningful biblical truths and real-world life applications. Small groups also tend to do life together, building community and a support system that can last for years!

    Lead a group

    Being a group host isn’t about being perfect, it’s about serving others by making space for these connections. We’ll give you the tools you need to start a successful small group. During this season, you can host an online or in-person group! You can start a group around existing relationships, you can open your home to individuals at Ward looking for a group – or a little bit of both!

    Join a group

    Groups are forming, so now’s the time! This is where real community and spiritual growth occur. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet new people, form new relationships, and grow together as you read God’s word and engage in our selected text, “The Miracle Moment.”

    Get Connected

    Contact Director of Small Groups + Young Adults Jenni Neighbour at 248.374.5998 or jenni.neighbour@ward.church with questions or visit the “Opportunities” area at the bottom of the Small Groups page.


    Our pastoral teaching team will walk us through the main topics in Nicole’s book and guide us as we learn how to do relationships better, and find that “miracle moment” to achieve breakthrough!

    January 30: Setting Up for a Miracle: If you aren’t moving toward love, you aren’t moving toward God. 

    February 6: The Heart of the Matter: The promises of Christ assure us that we are already complete, and out of that truth we can truly love. 

    February 13: Humility in Action: Thomas Merton said, “pride makes us artificial, humility makes us real.” Humility is the mindset that unlocks our empathy, forgiveness, and openness to sacrificial love. 

    February 20: No Fear in Love: Perfect love drives out fear. Only love is stronger than fear. 

    February 27: Seek Restoration: Restoration in relationships requires releasing the past, rebuilding the present, and walking into the future. Reconciliation is a process, not a transaction, and rebuilding trust takes time and intentionality. 

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