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  • Members Meeting – September 17, 2017

    Ward Church General 5 years ago

    Update: 9/17/17

    The membership of Ward Church approved the motion to sell and/or lease up to 25 acres.

    Session has called a meeting of the Ward Evangelical Presbyterian Church membership for Sunday, September 17, 2017, at 4:00 p.m. in the Knox Hall for the purpose of obtaining membership approval to sell and/or lease up to 25 acres of land located at 40000 Six Mile Road, Northville, Michigan.

    There will be childcare available at this meeting.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is this meeting necessary?

    The Ward Church By-laws state that “Session shall not convey or encumber the church’s sanctuary or real property upon which it rests without approval of the membership.” This meeting has been called to fulfill that requirement.

    What is being considered?

    Ward Church currently sits on a 94 acre parcel of land. According to the Haggerty Planned Unit Development agreement with Northville Township, Ward can further develop, or sell for development, up to 25 acres of that parcel, subject to Township approval. Trustees and Session believe this is a desirable time to pursue a sale. We have interested parties, but need congregational approval in order to continue to negotiate in good faith.

    What are the current sale/lease proposals?

    Three projects are currently under consideration:

    1. Sale of approximately 10 acres to be developed as senior independent living facility
    2. Sale of approximately 5-10 acres to be developed for senior housing – possibly assisted living or memory care
    3. Lease of approximately 2 acres to be developed as indoor sports facility, in conjunction with our outside sports fields

    Moving ahead with these any of these sale/lease proposals does not restrict us from expanding our current facility according to our master plan.

    How much will we receive for the property parcels?

    The sales/lease amounts will vary from parcel to parcel and are not a part of the motion being considered. The final details of any sale or lease agreement are subject to approval by Trustees and Session.

    However, we currently have a firm offer of $435,000 per acre for the +-10 acre senior independent living parcel. This is the most desirable parcel, as it is closest to Haggerty Road. From this we will pay commissions, attorney fees and cost of relocating the ball diamonds.

    The second parcel of +-5-10 acres, located at the west side of our property, will go for not less than $300,000 per acre, due to its location.

    The approximately 2 acre lease for sports complex is under negotiation.

    What will we do with the proceeds of the sale/lease?

    Proceeds will be placed in the Ward Legacy Fund. Annual earnings of this fund will be used to help fund the needs of the Capital Maintenance Repair and Replacement Fund.  Additionally, there is a provision that Session can release up to 20% of this fund annually should the need arise.

    What restrictions for development are placed on our property? Do they convey to any future owners?

    Our entire site is governed by the Haggerty Planned Unit Development agreement between Ward Church and Northville Township. This agreement currently limits development to church, sports, residential and senior housing projects. It would require concurrence of Ward and Northville Township to be changed.  All projects, including those under consideration, require approval by Northville Township. The HPUD provisions are conveyed to future owners.

    To whom can I talk to should I have additional questions?

    Any Elder or Trustee would be happy to speak with you. Also, you could contact a member of the Site Development Team established by Session to pursue negotiations. This team consists of Doug Blake, Frank Pierron, Greg Hemingway, Terry Niles, Chris Ockerman, John Nowacki, and Randy Book.

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