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  • How to make a bad decision…or not

    Ward Church General 1 week ago

    April 11-May 2

    We all want to make the right decisions for our lives and our families’ lives. So, why does it sometimes seem so difficult to do? If we don’t really know what a bad decision looks like on the front end, we fail to foresee the unwelcome consequences of our decisions. In this sermon series, we will explore four of the worst decisions made in the Bible. By learning how to make bad decisions, we’ll gain insight on how to make good ones.  

    April 11: Esau’s story – The Short-sighted

    April 18: Rehoboam’s story – The Stubborn

    April 25: David and Bathsheba’s story – The Exposed

    May 2: Samson’s story – The Smug

    Join us this weekend in-person at 9:30 + 11 a.m., or online at 9:30 + 11 a.m., 2, 4 + 6 p.m.⁠

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