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  • Hope for the Holidays Candlelight Ceremony

    Ward Church Care 2 weeks ago

    Memorial Candlelight Ceremony

    Grief is hard, and special days and holidays always seem it to make harder. Thinking about how this year will be the first, or yet another, holiday season without a loved one can be hard to bear. Ward Church is pleased to announce two different events from The New Hope Center for Grief Support to help those who have experienced a loss find some peace and support during this holiday season.

    Memorial Candlelight Ceremony, Monday, December 13, 7 – 8 p.m., Sanctuary

    Holidays and special days are hard after a loved one dies – even years later. During our Memorial Candlelight Ceremony, we invite you to light a candle in memory or in honor of loved ones. Let the light represent our grief, our courage, our memories, our love for you, and for our eternal hope.


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