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    Ward Church Families 3 months ago

    Hey Mom! Need a Break?

    2020 has definitely thrown us all for a loop. As moms, we have been working through all that comes with a pandemic while wearing many hats. We have been nurses, chefs, teachers, sleep specialists, counselors, gardeners, art teachers, librarians, working at home, working outside the home and so much more. Moms now more than ever are tired, worn out and spent. MOPS is a place where YOU can get a break. This year MOPS will look different, but the saying, “We LOVE You, We GOT You” remains the same.

    When: Sunday’s from 7:00-8:30 p.m. on the following dates – Sept. 20, Oct. 4 & 18, Nov. 1 & 15, December 13, January 17, February 7 & 21, March 7 & 21, April 18, May 2 & 16

    Where: Ward Church Elementary Wing Classrooms. Occasionally we will meet in Knox Hall before breaking into small groups.

    Who: Moms and Mentors Moms, Infants (6 months and under); NO childcare will be offered.

    What: Meetings will be community/support building through small groups. Meetings will contain a combination of videos, small group discussions, a few simple crafts, and possibly a speaker or two. Each semester will also have a service project. Snacks will be provided when possible.

    How: Registration cost = $31.95 for MOPS International Membership. There will be no additional registration costs this year. To register for the 2020-20201 MOPS year click the button below and enter Ward group code BXOE.


    Contact MOPS Coordinators Jen and Christie at wardmops@gmail.com with any questions that come up! We hope to see you in September!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is MOPS meeting Sunday evenings instead of Thursday mornings?

    Rooms in Ward Church are set up with social distance measures in place. All rooms currently have strict capacity limits. By moving to Sunday evenings we can have more moms and still be able to have “table groups”. Each small group will have its own room” in the Elementary Wing at Ward Church.

    What safety measures will MOPS have?

    Ward Church has implemented many safety measures such as touchless faucets, increased hand sanitizer stations, and doors that prop open. Masks will be required unless you are sitting in your seat. Instead of a buffet of food each meeting, there will be prepackaged snacks and drinks when possible. When doing activities such as crafts, we will do our best to choose crafts and activities that do not require sharing materials. When materials need to be shared, sanitizer will be provided.

    What happens if Michigan goes back in stages?

    If MOPS cannot meet in person, we will continue online with the same schedule.

    What are the meeting dates?

    September 20, October 4 & 18, November 1 & 15, December 13, January 17, February 7 & 21, March 7 & 21, April 18, May 2 & 16.

    How can I help with MOPS this year?

    Leadership and volunteering are a great way to get connected with other moms and help make MOPS a welcoming and loving place for all moms. The Leadership Team will be smaller this year than in years past. Leadership meetings will be held occasionally on the same day MOPS meets just prior to our normal meeting times. We have roles that include setting up meal trains, organizing baby gifts, gathering and setting up supplies, connecting with prayer partners, organizing creative activities, and helping with finance to name a few. Please contact us for more information. We would love to serve with you!

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