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  • When Helping Hurts: First Responders and Trauma Webinar

    Ward Church Featured 5 months ago

    Tuesday, July 28 at 6:30 p.m.

    Frontline workers and first responders have been meeting some of the most intense challenges head on to help keep us safe throughout this crisis. If you are one, or you love and support a first responder, this webinar will help you understand more about the mental and emotional challenges front line workers have experienced, and how to find healing even in the midst of trauma.

    This FREE webinar will provide you with practical tools from licensed professionals, right from the comfort of your home. Our time will include a brief, engaging discussion and an adequate amount of time to respond to your questions. Take a step toward healing by understanding the challenges ahead for you or your loved one.

    Our presenters include Matthew Swartz, MSSW, LMSW and Frank Rubino, MS, TLLP, hosted by Dr. Scott McKee.

    Weren’t able to catch the webinar? No problem. View and share the recorded version today.

    Matthew is a psychotherapist and speaker who is fiercely passionate about helping people to heal pain, diminish stress, and build their ideal lives. Matt is the Director of Training & Development at PCS-Counseling in Northville, where he leads a team of 14 counselors in healing our community. Matt works personally with Leaders, High Performers, and Influencers, helping them to heal their anxiety and trauma, create fulfilling and purpose driven lives, and positively impact the lives of those they lead. Matt has been privileged to consult and train in Fortune 500 companies, National organizations, and Northville & Novi Schools, to name a few. As a speaker, Matt’s mission is making personal growth accessible to everyone with digestible content and clear, actionable steps that make change possible now.

    Frank Rubino is a Master’s Level clinical psychologist who focuses on treating adolescents and adults in a variety of areas, including substance abuse, trauma, addictive behaviors, anger work-related issues and more. Frank is particularly sensitive to the specific needs of first responders and veterans. He is an adjunct professor at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, in both the Justice and Public Policy and Psychology departments. With multiple television and radio appearances, Frank has a passion for educating the community on the issues that plague us now so we can move toward health together.

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