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    Ward Church General 4 weeks ago

    We want to experience God through the Bible. . . We really do! But our good intentions fall flat when reading the Bible just doesn’t seem to make that happen. What should feel dynamic and important and alive often feels confusing and boring and irrelevant. But it doesn’t have to.

    On Sunday, January 10, we will be kicking off the New Year with a 4-week sermon series called, “Help!, My Bible is Alive” based on Ward Adjunct Pastor Nicole Unice’s book by the same name. Nicole will be here to here to launch this series and will teaching Part 1: God’s Word is Alive.

    To coincide with the start of this series we will be launching a 30-day Bible reading challenge for the whole church to participate, using Nicole’s book as a guide. We’ll also be launching a Facebook group where you can stay connected with others participating in the challenge, hear special messages from Nicole and be encouraged along the way.

    3 Ways to Prepare

    1. Purchase Nicole Unice’s book, Help! My Bible is Alive. You can visit a Current Focus Kiosk to pick up a copy anytime before the start of the series or purchase one online now.
    2. Join the Facebook group participating in the 30-day Bible reading challenge! Visit Nicole’s site where you can enter your email to stay in-the-know with encouragement and resources, including an invitation to the Facebook group.*
    3. Secure a study bible. This will help provide valuable context as you work your way through the study.**

    With Help! My Bible is Alive!, You’ll Learn to

    • Find the meaning of any portion of Scripture
    • Apply four key questions to every passage
    • Create valuable habits by workshopping key verses
    • Find practical principles as you read parables, poetry, narratives, ancient letters, and wisdom literature

    Take this 30-day bible reading challenge and develop habits that will sustain a vibrant spiritual life where the Word of God is alive and active for you.

    * Please email Director of Communications Kelly Williams at Kelly.Williams@ward.church if you had signed up already, but have not yet received an invitation to the Facebook group.)
    ** Please do not allow finances to be a barrier in participation. Email jessica.siemasz@ward.church if cost is a concern.

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