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  • Pray for God’s work through He Gets Us

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    He Gets Us is an ad campaign launched in 2021. It invites people who are spiritually searching to think about Jesus in a new, relatable way. People are invited to consider the personal nature of Jesus and see Him as someone who doesn’t just understand their struggles, but is in fact someone who endured many of the same struggles people today face. The ads are being shown on the internet, TV commercials, billboards, magazine ads, etc., including ads that will appear during the 2023 Super Bowl.

    When someone encounters a He Gets Us ad, they are invited to visit hegetus.com, where they can learn more, start a Bible study, or connect with someone in their area.

    That’s where Ward Church comes in. 

    Starting Sunday, Jan. 8, 2023, Ward Church is joining with churches across the U.S. in support of this campaign and to serve as a place where people can be connected, if they want to know more, talk to someone, and get connected. We hope that this new platform will reach new people in new ways.

    Please pray!

    A Pew Research study found that 3 in 10 people are now considered “religiously unaffiliated”  in the U.S. (Pew Research, Dec. 2021). The number of people abandoning faith, in any form, continues to grow. But we know we serve a mighty God who desires all people to know him. He calls upon His people to pray, seek His face, and engage their own faith. As we embark on this partnership with He Gets Us, please be in prayer that God’s Spirit will move in our nation and world. Pray that we would be faithful to respond to those that the Spirit calls.

    Download the prayer guide

    Pastor Scott has issued a call for all of Ward Church to be in prayer together. Download the 10-day prayer guide from He Gets Us and join us as we seek God and believe, in faith, that He will accomplish His will in our world. You can also pick up a physical copy at one of our campuses. You can also text “prayer guide” to (833) 265-6561.


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