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    admin Pastor Scott's Blog 8 years ago

    Like many churches, our church has a high concentration of visitors each fall. There is something about the start of a new school year that suggests a fresh start. We will have lots of guests checking us out in September, and I want to be sure we are ready.

    Here are three requests of all Ward Church members and regular attendees this fall:

    1. Take our hospitality efforts up a notch.
      • Everyone is a greeter this fall.
      • Don’t lead with “Are you new?” Lead instead by introducing yourself.
    2. Take our prayer efforts up a notch.
      There are a lot of reasons people show up at a church. People may be looking for grounding, or support, or hope. Pray for the people you pass in the halls and for the people seating around you in worship. Let’s fill our building with prayer.
    3. Take our invitation efforts up a notch.
      The fall is a great time to invite someone to join you for church.

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