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    Ward Church Serve 6 months ago

    Each believer is called to a specific vocation within the kingdom of God. This isn’t necessarily your profession, but it is an area of work that God uses to build the kingdom of God. We call these “giftings” and it refers to the areas in your life that has God has equipped you to serve him. You may be great at making people feel loved and welcomed. You may excel at serving the poor and disenfranchised. You may have a gift for leading and supervising. You may do well at teaching the young and old about God and his word. You may sing well, bake well, sew well, speak well, pound a hammer well…whatever you are good at, God wants to use that to help build his kingdom.

    The important thing is to first explore what God has gifted YOU to do. Although there may be many needs in the church, we want you to do what God is calling you to do. We want you to FIND YOUR PLACE.

    Step 1: Take the spiritual gifts assessment

    Not sure what you’re equipped and gifted for? A good place to start is to take a spiritual gifts assessment. Go to www.placeministries.org and register to take the FREE spiritual assessment. Then, click on “Take the free spiritual gift assessment” and then click on “Spiritual Gift Assessment Answer Sheet.” Scroll down on that page where you will find the start of the test. 

    Step 2: Sign up to “shadow” a Ward team member or start serving in a ministry

    Once you have your results from your spiritual assessment, take note of those categories where you scored the highest. If you are hesitant about jumping into serving at Ward, we welcome you to sign up to “shadow” someone on a Sunday morning. If you are ready to start serving on a team, we welcome you to check out the current serving opportunities available.

    Below are some shadowing and non-shadowing serving opportunities, categorized according to spiritual giftings:

    Exhortation, Discernment, Knowledge, Teaching + Leadership

    Potential roles for you at Ward Church:

    Evangelism, Mercy + Helps

    Potential roles for you at Ward Church:

    Hospitality + Service

    Potential roles for you at Ward Church:

    • Guest Services (shadow opportunity – see bottom of page)
    • Online Hosting (shadow opportunity – see bottom of page)
    • ReNu (shadow opportunity – see bottom of page)
    • Facility Care
    • Security Medical


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