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  • Fall Leadership Community Meeting

    Ward Church General 6 days ago

    Monday, September 14, 7:00 p.m.

    These past months have been stressful for everyone, but those who lead have carried an especially heavy load. Whether you lead a company, a small group, or a family, you have faced the difficulty of decision making in uncertainty.

    “Must I furlough employees?”

    “How do I keep my group members connected?”

    “How do I guide my kids as they enter a new form of education?”

    But leaders also see opportunities in crisis:

    “Maybe my organization can find a new market.”

    “Maybe the newly-gained tech skills of my bible study members can enhance our group for years to come.”

    “Maybe our family can find a new rhythm of life that is healthier for everyone.”

    Join us on Monday, September 14, 7:00 p.m. for a (Zoom) gathering of leaders throughout our church.

    You may know that each church program year kicks off with a Leadership Community gathering to ensure that our core members are informed and inspired for what lies ahead. This year, we will be talking about finding opportunities in crisis, preparing for a Post-COVID world, and holding plans loosely. As always, we will primarily be addressing leadership issues in the church, but I have no doubt you will also find application for your business and family. We want to share with you how our staff and elders have been processing this current season and about some of the plans we are putting into motion.

    We hope you can join us. Everyone is welcome.

    Click here to join the webinar. 


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