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    Ward Church Pastor Scott's Blog 6 years ago

    For those of you who missed it, earlier this week I posted some historical observations about the history of facial hair in the church. I grew a beard during my summer sabbatical and invited the congregation to vote through the Ward Church app whether I should keep it or lose it. People didn’t just vote. They wrote emails, sent hand written notes, and stopped me in the hallway. Thanks for your interest! Apparently beards on pastors are nearly as polarizing as the upcoming presidential election.

    In this heated election season, I wanted to pass on some resources that may be helpful as you prayerfully prepare to cast a vote on November 8.

    As a premier not-for-profit publishing company, Christianity Today never endorses political candidates.  However, this year they invited three evangelical leaders to write endorsements. Each writer made their best Christian case for their candidate. One wrote in favor of Hillary Clinton. One wrote in favor of Donald Trump. One wrote that the most Christian choice is “neither.”

    Christian writer, Ed Stetzer, whose blog, The Exchange, is hosted on the CT site, has continued the conversation by inviting other Christian authors and leaders to write about their views on the candidates and to express how they plan to vote and why.  Each day last week, a new viewpoint has been posted. I found the posts insightful, as each author appropriately wrestles with finding the “Christian thing to do.”

    The deadline for registering to vote is October 11. Registering is easy to do, but you had better act soon.

    This Sunday, we start a new sermon and small group series called, “Life Beyond.” One of the installments I am looking forward to is “Life Beyond Politics” (October 23). It’s not too late to get involved in a small group or subscribe to the Life Beyond daily devotionals. Hope you can join us!

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