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    Doug LeMaster Uncategorized 10 years ago

    Hello, my name is Doug LeMaster, and I am an elder here at Ward Church.

    The elders recognize that the Sunday morning worship experience is an important part of our church life, encouraging members in the application of their faith and welcoming visitors to our church.

    To this end, last year your session appointed a team of 10 people, including staff and lay leadership, to search for a Director of Worship.

    We are looking for someone who understands and appreciates both traditional and contemporary styles of worship and will be a visionary who can support the continued evolution of multiple services and venues available to spread the message of God’s love and plan of salvation.

    This person will work closely with John Beresford and Chris Freeman to ensure each week we create dynamic, compelling and Christ exalting experiences for our members and visitors.

    I wanted to provide you with an update on where we stand in the search process.

    Last November we brought in several candidates to observe and participate in our worship services.  After much prayer and careful consideration of each candidate, we decided that none of the candidates fit the unique needs of Ward.

    We re-launched the search in January with a fresh set of candidates.  The Holy Spirit went before us and candidates who were not considering a potential move last fall were now open to listening to new opportunities.

    From this talented new group, we have conducted multiple detailed interviews and we now believe that we are close to making a decision on a candidate.

    Our team wanted to thank you for the encouragement you have provided us over this past year.

    Specifically, we would ask you to please pray for our team over the next several weeks, that God would provide us discernment and wisdom during this process.

    Thank you for your support.


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