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  • Day of Prayer, Fasting and Lament

    Ward Church General 1 month ago
    This week, the attention of our nation turned from the coronavirus to the virus of racism and civil unrest. We are grieved by the tragic events that have unfolded in recent weeks.
    The Evangelical Presbyterian Church, of which Ward is a part, is calling all members of EPC churches to set aside Monday, June 8, as a day of lament, fasting, and prayer to cry out to God for His help in the midst of this crisis in the United States. A key difference between this emphasis and our previous calls to prayer and fasting is the addition of “Lament.”
    You can read two these short articles to expand your understanding of lamenting.
  • As social unrest escalates, it is appropriate for the church to lament this crisis to the Lord, to fast, and to pray about how we as believers in Jesus Christ can be part of the solution to the racism, inequality, and injustices that violate not just our Constitution, but the heart of our God.
    We invite you to continue the conversation about racism today with us on Wednesday, June 10 at 7 p.m. Pastor Harvey Carey and Pastor Scott McKee will hold a 1 hour online meeting to speak on this matter, to listen and to invite others to submit questions in a safe space. Find more information on how to join here

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