The goal of serving in our community and region is for us to “be the church in the world.” We accomplish this by connecting people in relationships. Some of the relationships are built through serving teams that help make Ward a welcoming place for guests. Other relationships are made by people who volunteer to serve in the various helping agencies in our community. Still other relationships are formed through projects and partnerships with other churches. Everyone needs a place to serve, to use their giftedness for God’s glory. Our vision is to help people find that place.

Mission Trip Giving

Looking for mission trip giving? Head on over to our myWARD portal.


Serving Detroit

Simple Serve

An easy way to serve in the city is through Simple Serve. We head down on the 3rd Saturday of the month during the summer to get a taste of what’s God’s doing in the city of Detroit.


Military Ave VBS

Volunteers from Ward are helping staff the VBS program for children age 5-7 at Military Ave EPC in Detroit from July 22-25.


Our Partners

Ward supports many helping agencies in our community and in Detroit. We support them through regular financial support, volunteers, and through special projects. Learn more about our partners and how you can get involved:

AAA Pregnancy Resource Center

For more than 40 years, the AAA Pregnancy Resource Center has offered free and confidential services.

  • Pregnancy testing (lab-grade test results in 3 minutes)
  • Limited obstetrical ultrasounds (up to 16 weeks pregnant)
  • Abortion information
  • Options information for women
  • Options information for men
  • Medically accurate information from professional nurses
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STI) information
  • Medical and community referrals
  • Post-abortion counseling
  • Material assistance program

Visit to learn how you can serve with AAA Pregnancy Center.

Central Detroit Christian

Central Detroit Christian is Ward Church’s Open Doors Detroit partner, where we’ve invested over $1 million to:

  • Build a Preschool
  • Buy every Home in the CDC community and Rehab
  • Develop Community Gardens
  • Plant a Church

The Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a non-profit, faith-based organization committed to empowering people and creating positive opportunities for the central Detroit community. Our mission is that through education, economic development, and employment. Central Detroit Christian CDC strives to transform individuals to reach their highest potential while transforming the community to be a place of Shalom.

CLICK HERE to learn how you can serve with CDC.

CRU Inner City

Are you looking for ways to better understand God’s heart for the poor here in Detroit? Or maybe you are looking for ways to be involved in reaching people for Christ? Join us as a volunteer and watch how God is working to “deliver the needy who cry out.”

  • Easter Bags: Come join us to pack Easter bags for children living in the inner city! The bags will be filled with candy, small toys, gospel bead bracelets, and cards. You could help pack the bags, write cards, and make bracelets.
  • Boxes of Love®: The holidays for most people mean turkey, mashed potatoes, afternoon naps, family, and maybe football. But for so many Thanksgiving is no different from any other day. Help bring food, love and the gospel to families by packing boxes of Thanksgiving food that will be delivered by Detroit churches.
  • Homeless Care Kits: As the weather gets colder the need for warm clothes gets greater. During the winter we pack care kits for the homeless and near homeless in our communities. These include a warm blanket, gloves, hats, and socks, a New Testament, and other useful and needed tools. The kits will be delivered by churches in the city along with the incredible message of the gospel.
  • PowerPacks™: When kids go back to school they need school supplies. Many kids in the city can’t afford what they need. PowerPacks are backpacks filled with school supplies that are distributed when school is starting up. We need volunteers to help assemble these bags of school goodies.
  • S.A.Y. Yes!® Centers: Do you have a heart for kids in the city? Volunteer at an after-school program that focuses on all the needs of a child! Come share the love of Christ with a child by mentoring and tutoring.

CLICK HERE to learn how you can serve with CRU Inner City or call Terry Robinson at 313.896.1510.

Good News Gang

Good News Gang is committed to providing hope and building futures for children living in adverse conditions. Whether faced with the physical effects of poverty or the dangers of gangs, violence, abuse and hopelessness, we want to see children’s lives placed on a new path through the life-changing love of Christ. By meeting children where they are, personally investing in their lives and presenting the Gospel in a fun, accessible way, we believe we can build foundations that lead to hope, a future and better lives for precious children.

We accomplish this in several ways:

• Helping children encounter the hope and love of Christ through our weekly Saturday program, summer camps and personal mentorship.

• Investing personally in the lives of the children we serve through consistent one-on-one relationships, weekly home visits and child sponsorship.

• Meeting physical needs that hinder personal and spiritual growth, such as school supplies, coats and food.

CLICK HERE to learn how you can serve with Good News Gang.

Help’s on the Way

Our mission project has resulted in the establishment and operation of a facility that works toward meeting the needs of our neighbors who find themselves in a state of need.

Help’s on the Way, and those who have supported this ministry have assisted thousands of individuals with food and/or clothing.

With God’s grace, Godly inspired leadership, and the assistance of volunteers, we will provide food and clothing for those friends and neighbors who are in a state of need.

CLICK HERE to learn how you can serve with Help’s On the Way.


The Lighthouse is a mission house in Dearborn.

The house was donated to Ward Church to be used to host missionaries, interns for our mission sending program TAG (Teaching Apprentices to Go), as well as housing special need situations.

There’s always need to help with clean up, minor projects, lawn care, etc.

Please contact to learn how you can serve at the Lighthouse.

Military Avenue EPC

Military Avenue Evangelical Presbyterian Church serves in Southwest Detroit.

Detroit each decade gains the title of the poorest city in America after census data is gathered. Many of our children grow up without a father present in the home. We have one of the largest drop out rates in the U.S. with only 3 percent of our population holding a bachelor’s degree. Our people live at the whim of the government’s generosity, some times they have very little when our politics attempt to reform our safety net systems. Some families live on less than ten thousand dollars annually. Combined with one of the most undependable public transportation systems which serve to further isolate the poor population from opportunity.

Helping Evangelicals to remain involved in this place of crisis is part of our mission. The few bullet points above describe the edges of Detroit’s problems and need. On top of this the Evangelical Church stands at arms reach from all these problems, while facing serious problems of their own – a secularized society. So most of the Evangelical resources remain in suburban communities as our leaders work hard to meet their own challenges, but the need in the city is great. We live in an trying hour, an hour which tests the very nature of our faith. Our hope remains that as Jesus Christ continues to work in lives, some will find the courage to reach out to the hard places – of which Detroit is one.

They offer a food bank, tutoring, and much more.

Please e-mail if you’d like to serve with Military Ave EPC.

New Hope Center

New Hope Center for Grief Support was founded in January 2000 by Cathy Clough, Betty and John Baird. Widowed at a young age, Cathy’s own grief journey and her 14 years as Director of Grief Services in the hospice industry formed the caring approach New Hope utilizes.  Our workshops are open to people experiencing the loss of any loved one due to death including spouse, child, parent, sibling, friend or any other loved one.   We also offer ongoing groups for young widows and widowers, middle aged widows and widowers and one for widows and widowers in their retirement years as well as an ongoing group for parents who have lost a child. Kids between the ages of 3 and 18 are eligible to attend activities and groups designed especially for them through our New Hope for Kidz and Teens Program.

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. We couldn’t offer all of the many programs we are able to provide to the community without the help of volunteers. Volunteers do a variety of things. Some volunteers have direct contact with people by providing group facilitating or one-on-one peer support. Other volunteers work in a more indirect capacity such as assisting in the office or fundraising. Most of our volunteers are people who have “been there” and now choose to give back by reaching out to others.

CLICK HERE to learn how you can serve with the New Hope Center

Northville Civic Concern

Northville Civic Concern is an all-volunteer organization founded in 1983 by a group of concerned citizens to benefit the needy of our community.  Our primary purpose is to provide food to those in need.  Food is distributed on the second and fourth Friday of each month.

We are a licensed, not-for-profit organization offering temporary services to those who qualify and live in Northville or Northville Township school districts.

CLICK HERE  to learn about how you can serve with Northville Civic Concern.

In Your Neighborhood

Is your group ready for something totally different? Take initiative and find a way to make impact. Pray that God opens a door for you to respond in love and grace toward your neighbor or your community. Then, step out and serve those around you. Get creative. Be bold. Love others.

We’d like to help you get started with 25 Simple Ways to Be Missional in your Neighborhood.