God created us to live in relationship with Him and with others. Small groups create space for us to care for others and to be cared for. They launch us into learning and growth – all in the context of community. It’s part of our design!

The Power of Everybody: Fall 2023 Small Group Series

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This year, Ward’s theme is “Connections”. We are confident that connections happen in small groups. This fall one of our biggest focuses will be on “The Power of Everybody” to lead a small group. We will be inviting and encouraging new leaders to join in our ministry for a six-week church-wide study (starting October 15), and we need YOUR help to make this a success!

Small Group Host Briefings & Connection Events

For anyone new to hosting a small group, we will be offering brief orientation sessions after the 10:30 worship services on the dates listed below. If you’ve been considering hosting a group yourself this fall, we encourage you to attend one of these briefings. If you know someone who would make a great host, send them this way, too! At these briefings, we will cover the fundamentals of leading a group, distribute the series workbook to hosts, and get new hosts connected in-person with an experienced leader who will serve as a sounding board and encouragement for this six-week series.

Are you looking to join a small group this fall? Are you a small group host looking for new members? Our Connection Events listed below are a great opportunity for you to find those connections!


So how do I join a small group?

We host two Small Group Fairs each year (fall and early spring) where you can physically meet hosts with groups openings before a new curriculum is launched. However, you can join a small group anytime throughout the year! Our Director of Small Groups, Sarah de Jong, would be happy to help find a good fit after learning more about your availability and preferences. Complete the form at the bottom of this page to learn more.

Why small groups?

Small groups allow us to connect with others through a common activity or purpose. They give space for life-giving conversations and relationships. They can be a catalyst to a supportive community, through prayer and the sharing and meeting of practical needs. Small groups allow us to know others and be known.

How often does a small group meet?

Twice a year, Ward provides a curriculum that generally aligns with the church-wide sermon series. During these semester, usually 6-8 weeks long, we encourage groups to meet weekly. Outside of this rhythm, your small group may decide to meet once every other week.

How is childcare handled?

Childcare varies from group to group. Some groups chose to arrange childcare individually, others “pitch in” for a babysitter to supervise all children at the host home. There are many options here, as each group dynamic is different. Together, discuss what works best for your group.

How do I find a group?

We’re here to help! Our Director of Small Groups, Sarah de Jong, would like to learn more about your season of life, location and schedule to help you explore groups that may be of most interest to you. Let Sean know you’re interested by completing the opportunity at the bottom of this webpage. While not everyone will find a perfect fit in the first group they try, the Fall and Spring semesters are great opportunities to try out a short-term group for a set number of weeks.


Being a group host isn’t about being perfect, it’s about serving others by making space for these connections. We’ll give you the tools you need to start a successful small group. You can start a group around existing friendships, you can open your home to individuals at Ward looking for a group – or a little bit of both! Contact Director of Small Groups, Sarah at sarah.dejong@ward.church with questions or fill out the “Hosting a Small Group” opportunity at the bottom of this webpage to get started.

How do I get the curriculum?

During the spring/fall semesters, we will make curriculums available right here on our small groups page, and through our on-demand media. Sign up to receive our weekly, sermon-based small group questions by emailing sarah.dejong@ward.church. If you’re looking for an alternate study throughout the year, Director of Small Groups, Sarah de Jong can help you find something for your group. As part of the Ward Family, you have free access to RightNow Media, which has quality curriculum for small groups and more.

Is there a host meeting/training?

Training/host meetings are being done individually. If you have any questions before signing up, you can email sarah.dejong@ward.church. After signing up, Sarah will contact you to set up a training time.

What are the qualifications?

Someone who is excited to welcome others into their home and help facilitate small group discussion. You don’t need any experience in leading a small group, but a willingness to learn. You just need a tv, a home, and six weeks!

Do I build my own group or do you assign me people?

It’s up to you! You can gather together with an existing group of friends and/or neighbors. If you are excited to host and open to welcoming new faces to join you, we can help! We’ll match you with people who are looking to join a group like yours.


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