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  • Cindy Serves: WardKids Check-In & Welcome Team Spotlight

    Cindy Ziemba Featured 5 months ago

    Each month, we’ll follow Ward member, Cindy Ziemba, on her adventures around the “volunteer” globe. Did you know there are over 100 unique roles filled by volunteers each month? Cindy will share the good, the surprising, the challenging… the authentic experience behind a wide range of volunteer roles at Ward Church, all serving to connect people to God!

    Imagine having three young children (ages 1, 4 and 7) and pulling into Ward church for the first time. You follow the parking lot signs and decide that parking lot 3, near Entry 3 (Nursery/Preschool) is a good place to park. Once you get the kids out of your car (hopefully still with shoes on) and get to the sidewalk, you have about 130 steps to reach the Nursery Desk. From there, you walk another 65 steps to the Preschool Desk (although, if you’ve ever walked with a preschooler, it will be twice that number if you are not carrying them or holding their hand with a death grip). Once the preschooler drop-off has been completed and you exit that wing, you walk another 75 steps (add a few for pulling your child out of the door of the playscape) to reach the Elementary Desk, find the appropriate room, and begin to think about where you go next.

    As you can imagine, the assistance and kindness shown along your path will be crucial to your first impression, as well as your patience and willingness to keep going. This is where the children’s check-in teams and welcome teams come in.

    The WardKids check-in team members are stationed at the nursery, preschool and elementary desks to welcome newcomers and secure the necessary information from parents before children may enter the program. The system is one-stop – at any of the desks, all children may be registered at once to keep the family moving along as quickly as possible. Simple information is collected; nametags, parent pick-up cards and reassurances are given, and data is placed into the computer when the family leaves.

    The WardKids welcome team members pick up care of families once nametags are given. They walk families to the appropriate kids room, encourage the children to participate, as well as give direction and help to the parents.

    On recent Sundays, I sat in as a check-in team member. I assisted a few new families, made some simple data edits, and helped with nametags. I was even able to watch the streaming worship service. I was reminded that when the check-in process goes well, it assures families that the care we give their children, and the security we provide, are of utmost importance to us. This team takes what can be a daunting experience and provides important support. The welcome team can also be a connection point for parents who do not have time or energy to stop at a main welcome desk.

    Check-in team and welcome team members serve once a month. If interested in the check-in team, email chris.ockerman@ward.church.

    If you’d like to be part of the welcome team to connect with families, contact justin.tucker@ward.church.

    Questions for Cindy about finding your spot on one of the many serve teams? Email cindy.ziemba@ward.church.

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