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  • Cindy Serves: Coffee Team Spotlight

    Cindy Ziemba Featured 6 months ago

    Each month, we’ll follow Ward member, Cindy Ziemba, on her adventures around the “volunteer” globe. Did you know there are over 100 unique roles filled by volunteers each month? Cindy will share the good, the surprising, the challenging… the authentic experience behind a wide range of volunteer roles at Ward Church, all serving to connect people to God!

    COFFEE TEAM -“Ward Church should be advertising this place,” a newcomer told me about RēNū Coffee. “I came to this building just to walk, and discovered this lovely coffee shop where I felt so welcome, that I decided to try out the church on Sunday.”

    Coffee ministry is not new, but certainly an expanded part of how we’re sharing hospitality and warmth to those who enter this building. It’s such a big part of our Sunday morning that besides the specialty coffees and drinks available in RēNū, there is an additional station near Entry 2 for already-brewed coffee and tea. And, amazingly, the majority of RēNū baristas and coffee servers are volunteers.

    I hung out with Doug one Sunday, a volunteer who serves the early crowd. Angela and George took over for the later shift. Angela and George attended Ward periodically until five years ago, when they decided to commit – not only by attending more regularly, but also by volunteering. They’ve been at the satellite station once a month since that time, where it is clear they know their regulars, calling them by name.

    Paul stopped by for his cup, and left an extra dollar for coffee for the next person. A group of seniors coming from the Chapel stood in line next to young parents who had just dropped their babies off in the nursery next door. “This is my second cup today – and I need it!” one woman exclaimed, to nods of affirmation.

    Serving a cup of coffee is such a simple, kind act. It’s a volunteer slot very enjoyable for couples or friends to share. There are four satellite teams for Sunday morning – the set up team who brew the coffee and haul the heavy canisters, the first shift who provide service from 8:00 – 9:30, the second shift who provide service from 9:30 – 11:00, and a clean-up team from 11:00-11:30 who return and rinse the pots after the coffee service ends.

    Most serve once a month. Those interested in Barista skills may also train in RēNū for shifts on Sunday mornings or weekdays when it is open for preschool families, playscape visitors, and others who visit the building. There are currently openings in both RēNū and in the satellite station. Contact RēNū manager rebecca.morgan@ward.church.

    Questions for Cindy about finding your spot on one of the many serve teams? Contact her at cindy.ziemba@ward.church.

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