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    “God’s Lighthouse” needs ongoing TLC By

    In the middle of the city of Dearborn is a neighborhood filled with charming 1920s homes nestled snugly together. Front porch lights illuminate the fronts of many of the homes. But one house on the street emanates a different kind of light – the kind that brings rest and hope to weary souls. Read more about this house of blessing!

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    Win/Win Volunteer Story: Krissie + Parker Krenz By

    “I know the fear of over-commitment, but any gift of service is welcomed,” says Ward volunteer Krissie Krenz. “I started off serving every other week, and now serve every week. Everyone has been so welcoming, and it has been a great way for me to meet other Ward members.” Read more and learn why serving in the church has been so “win/win” for the Krenz family.

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    Ward’s response to school incidents By

    The Oxford High School shooting and the recent lockdown of Plymouth-Canton Educational Park have been incredibly traumatic for many, especially those of us in Metro Detroit. See a list of scripture verses and other resources to help your family through these difficult circumstances.

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    Rachel Sochacki – Gateway 328 By

    Rachel Sochacki is one of the co-leaders for Gateway 328, the Ward anti-human-trafficking ministry. When you talk to Rachel today about her ministry, her passion for human-trafficking victims is very evident. However, it was not always that way for Rachel. But God’s still small voice called to her in a worship service, to do the unimaginable to bless others.

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