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  • Father + Son Canoe Trip – August 19-21

    Ward Church Families 4 weeks ago

    Friday, August 19-Sunday, August 21, 2022
    On the Muskegon River at the Old Log Resort in Marion, Mich.

    Mark your calendars, fathers and sons! Come experience a time away from civilization, hearty meals cooked outdoors, a peaceful (or maybe not!) ride down the Muskegon River, incredible scenery, hanging around a campfire, endless fellowship, and much more…all in one weekend at this year’s Father/Son Canoe Weekend at the Old Log Resort in Marion, Mich. Grandpas, grandsons, uncles, nephews, and friends are welcome to attend too! Cost is $45 per person and covers camping fees and food. Visit the Current Focus Kiosk area on Sundays, 7/31 + 8/7 to learn more and sign up!


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